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3 Men's Boots that Will Make You Look Cool


With so many choices in men's boots these days, it can be tough to find the right ones that make you look cool. Luckily for men, there are plenty of choices out there that guys can choose from. Boots are hip these days, and classic men's boots are the way to go.

Red Wing - Cool Work Boots

Red Wing 'Classic Lifestyle Moc'

Work boots are back in a big way, and they’re not just for stomping around in the woods. You can wear them with jeans, khakis and if you’re really stylish you can also wear them with a tie. Red Wing boots are the gold standard – this is not debatable. 

Frye Black Boots - Cool Boots for Men

Frye - Black Boots

The Fonz was on to something: black boots always look cool and never go out of style. Frye makes timeless boots that are durable, flexible and handmade. Pair them with jeans and a leather jacket and even a cubicle dweller can look cool. 

Merrell - Cool Men's Hiking Boots

Merrell 'Moab'

When you wear hiking boots, you’re telling the world that you have somewhere to go and something to conqueror. Even if it’s just shoveling snow off the driveway. Merrell is making quality boots and shoes with a style that screams adventure and quality.

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