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Top Picks in Puma Shoes for Men - 2010


Whether you're a sneaker fanatic or just a guy shopping for some new athletic shoes, you probably don't need me to tell you that Puma shoes are hot. Combining comfortability, functionality, and some of the coolest styles, Puma shoes consistently top the wish lists of sneaker fans everywhere. In no particular order, here are a few of my favorite Puma shoes for men.

1. Puma Shoes - The Incredibly Popular "Speed Cat"

When you think of Puma shoes, it's likely that the ever-popular "Speed Cat" springs to mind, as it's one of Puma's classics. With motorsport styling, these sneakers are streamlined and ready for street wear, and they come in a crazy number of color combinations. These Puma shoes come in several great color combos, and feature suede uppers and leather uppers.

2. Puma Shoes "Roma Fader" - Retro Style Gets a Gradient Upgrade

The classic 60s trainer reproduced for your retro pleasure, but with a modern twist: a 3-color screen print fade, which gives these shoes a cool gradient stripe. Available in blue to yellow, or red to gray, this is one of my favorite Puma styles.

3. "California" Puma Shoes with 80s Styling

As much as the name of this Puma sneaker is apropos, it could have just as easily been named "That 80s Shoe." It also could have been called "That 70s Shoe," but that name was already taken. These retro-styled shoes feature leather uppers and come in several classic color combinations.

4. "The Suede" - Sweet Puma Street Shoes

"The Suede" is one sweet street shoe that comes in a huge array of great colors. First released in 1968, it's got loads of old school appeal, but is still very "now." I guess that's what makes it a classic part of Puma history.

5. "K-Street" - Puma Shoes For Track

An updated version of the popular "H-Street," these Puma shoes combine the features of a track training shoe in a stylish package. With synthetic uppers and lane stitching, these shoes come in several color combinations, but my personal favorite is the white/charcoal/royal version. If track shoes are your bag, you'll love these Puma shoes.
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