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Party Shoes 2013 / 2014

Women's Evening Shoes with Holiday Sparkle


From Christmas to Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa to New Year's Eve, the winter holiday season is filled with special occasions and events. And if you're like a lot of women, there's a good chance you'll need at least one pair of party shoes.

Holiday parties are fun and, normally, any excuse to shop for evening shoes is a good thing. But, let's face it, the season is also a hectic one, and you may not relish the idea of adding one more item to your shopping agenda.

Fortunately, the list below will make finding the perfect party shoes one of the easiest tasks you'll face this season. These styles sparkle, they shimmer, they shine. In fact, they could just be the best decorations you'll see this year.

Kate Spade New York 'Jenny' - Black Glitter Dress Shoes

Classic, pointy-toed pumps with black toe caps, dark colored glitter, and mid-height dress heels.
Image: Zappos.com

Combining glamorous, classic styling and enough shimmer to turn heads at any affair, these pretty pumps have several features that add to their appeal: almond-shaped satin-covered toes, and wearable 2.5" dress heels.

But what really makes these stunners the ideal "party shoes" is, of course, the dark-toned glitter that covers up the uppers of these stunning pumps.

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Killer Sandals - E! Live from the Red Carpet 'Monique'

Red satin sandals with ultra-high heels, thick platform soles, and scrolly, rhinestone-embellished uppers.
Image: Zappos.com

Calling all platform-lovers (and I know you're still out there), here's a pick for you! These killer sandals have all the wow factor of the other shoes on this list, and then some -- in fact, they might have too much wow factor for many, but if head-turning, traffic-stopping, entrance-making party shoes are what you're after, then you'll definitely want to have a look at these shimmery stunners.

The scary-high 5.5" heels; the 1" platform soles; and the scrolly uppers are all peppered with shimmering rhinestones and sex appeal to spare.

Priced at $200 per pair, these party shoes are holiday-perfect in red, but they also look fantastic in black, gold and silver.

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Benjamin Adams London 'Memphis' - Dress Flats with Holiday Sparkle

Ballerina flats covered with riny, shimmering rhinestones.
Image: Nordstrom.com

If like me, you sometimes prefer flats over sky-high heels, then you might already know how difficult it can be to find a pair of flat shoes that are as shimmery and dynamic as stilettos can be. That's why, when I find a pair of really dressy flats, I tend to jump rather quickly, even if I don't need a pair of new dress shoes at the particular moment.

Such is the case with these pretty, feminine, feminine flats from Benjamin Adams London. Featuring champagne gold uppers, and an abundance of shimmery rhinestones, these flat dress shoes barely-there heels, and would be ideal for dressing up jeans, dress pants, or leggings.

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Mid-Heeled Evening Shoes - Badgley Mischka 'Pegasis'

Classic black pumps with mid-height heels and rhinestone embellishments on vamps.
Image: Zappos.com

If you're looking for a special evening shoe, with just a hint of shimmer and a nice, mid-height heel, have a look at these stunning, glamorous, and totally classic pumps from Badgley Mischka.

With flattering and wearable 3.5" heels, these shoes are available with black, red, or white satin uppers -- all of which feature pretty rhinestone brooches on their vamps.

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Badgley Mischka 'Buzz' - Glamorous and Sexy

High heeled pumps with open toes, blue satin uppers, open toes and rhinestone vamp brooches.
Image: Zappos.com

No matter how big the party, or well-dressed the crowd, I guarantee you will steal the show in these fabulous evening shoes from Badgley Mischka.

They're glamorous, they're shimmery, and they're sexy. And though they also come in ivory and taupe, this navy version is right in line with the season's hottest trends.

With 3.5" heels and open toes, these shoes feature rhinestone vamp embellishments, satin uppers, and an irresistibly feminine design.

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Kate Spade New York 'Levana Too' - Satin Evening Shoes

Red satin pumps with tailored vamp bows, gold back straps, and gold high heels.
Image: Zappos.com

The word 'party' means very different things to different people. If the types of parties you'll be attending are a bit more refined and sophisticated, then glittery platforms will undoubtedly look out of place -- but that doesn't mean you have to be boring or stodgy in your dress shoe selection.

Shoes like these elegant two-piece pumps from Kate Spade are attention-getting, without being over-the-top; but their classic enough that you can wear them for years to come. Available in rose gold or red, these shoes are elevated from dress shoes to "party shoes," thanks to their metallic high heels and back straps, along with their their dressy satin uppers and tailored vamp bows.

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Affordable Rhinestone Sandals - Obsession Rules 'Babs'

Black, high heeled sandals with thin ankle straps, a two-piece design, and tiny rhinestones scattered all over them.
Image: DSW.com

Some women like a little sparkle, and some like a lot. If the latter sounds more like you, then you're going to love these sparkly sandals from Obsession Rules.

Completely covered with tiny rhinestones, these two-piece sandals feature 4" heels, a single-sole design, and delicate ankle straps.

For maximum impact, pair these sandals with a simple dress and some shimmery jewelry.

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Christian Louboutin 'Sexy Strass' - Crystal-Covered Evening Pumps

Image: Barneys.com

It's not every day that you get to wear a pair of crystal pumps. So, when you do get the chance, you might as well make them something really special -- and as far as I'm concerned, these glamorous shoes are about as special as they come.

With stiletto heels that measure up at just over 4-inches, classic pump styling, and open toes, these shoes absolutely ooze sex appeal and luxury. But, I better warn you, if you're prone to sticker shock, you may just want to admire these shoes from here, as they're some of the most expensive shoes I've ever featured on this site.

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Audrey Brooke 'Shanice' - Glittery Evening Sandals

High heel sandals with white gold glitter uppers, ankle straps and multiple vamp straps.
Image: DSW.com

Though I generally prefer pumps for dressy occasions, I have to admit, I really like these glittery sandals from Audrey Brooke -- and I absolutely love their price tag, which is just under $55.

Available in pewter or gold, these sultry ankle straps featureshimmering textile uppers; 3.75 inch heels; a single-sole design; and sexy back zippers. In other words: Score!

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