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Men's Popular Running Shoe Brands


Sifting throught the maze of men's athletic shoes can be overwhelming and running shoes are no exception. From a big, cushioned shoe to the new barefoot running shoes, there are a lot of styles in men's running shoes to choose from and make sense out of.

Here are the most popular men's running shoes that have my seal of approval and fit into the different styles and uses you'll find today.

1. Asics Gel Kayano - Popular Running Shoes for Men

Asics 'Gel Kayano' Image: Zappos.com

These shoes are insanely popular and for good reason. They are high performance, have the Asics gel sole technology, and look really cool - finding just the right line not to cross from too busy. In a day and age when the look of a running shoe can be just as important as how it performs, the Gel-Kayano does not disappoint.

These shoes fit like a glove right out of the box, and remember, the fit is the most important thing when choosing a shoe. If you're looking for a high-end, high performance running shoe and don't over-pronate a lot then the Asics Men's Gel-Kayano could be the one for you.

2. Men's Popular Running Shoes: Inov-8 'Bare Grip 200'

Inov-8 'Bare Grip 200' Image: Zappos.com

People who know running know that Inov-8 are producing a super cool shoe that gives you all the benefits of barefoot running, but in a trail running shoe so you don’t have to worry about stepping on a pinecone. There’s no mid-sole construction and these are quick drying and super-breathable. Inov is making some high-end and high performace running shoes and these are no different. These shoes will start conversations.

3. New Balance 'MR993' Running Shoes for Men

New Balance 'MR993' Image: Zappos.com

A new, pricey shoe from New balance that is built for the moderate over-pronator who requires a combination of cushion-comfort and reinforced stability. It’s the exact opposite of a barefoot-like running shoe. It also contains the companies Abzorb® technology for more shock absorption, cushioning and performance.

4. The Popular Nike 'Free Run' for Men

Nike 'Free Run' Image: Zappos.com

An easy slip on-off shoe and according to Nike are “perfect for those runners who want the strengthening, injury-prevention and natural gait management benefits associated with barefoot training, but also needs the cushioning, traction and underfoot protection.”  They come in a variety of colors and are Nike+ ready.

5. Brooks 'Adrenaline GTS 11' Running Shoes for Men

Brooks 'Adrenaline GTS 11' Image: Zappos.com

Another quality running shoe from the Pacific Northwest company was built for the moderate over-pronator who needs a combination of cushioning and superior stability. Element technology offers moisture-managing properties for a healthier shoe, and its sock liner helps keep your feet more comfortable, drier and cooler in hot weather. This is a serious training shoe.

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