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Teva Sandals


Teva Sandals -

Teva Sandals - "Ventura Cork"

Image courtesy of Zappos.com
Claiming have created the first sport sandal, Teva has been creating sandals since 1982. Hugely popular for their comfort features, rugged durability, and sporty appearance, Teva makes shoes and sandals for men, women and kids. Below are a few of the best shopping spots for Teva Sandals.

Where to Buy Teva Sandals & Shoes

  • Zappos.com - This site has a huge selection of Teva products for men, women and kids. Offering items from the Hydro, Nomadic, Originals, and other lines, this is definitely a first-stop for Teva shopping. Also includes links to only items that are currently on sale. (Buy Direct)

  • Teva.com - Manufacturer's Site
Pictured: Teva " Ventura Cork"
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