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What to to Wear with Mules

How to Wear Backless Fashion Shoes for Women


Velvet Mules - Stylish 'Laura' from Hype Shoes

Velvet Mules - Stylish 'Laura' from Hype Shoes

Image courtesy of Zappos.com.
I love mules. Perhaps it's the ability to easily slip them on and off; or maybe it's the range of styles available; or it could simply be the fact that they seem less confining than other dress shoes - but whatever the reason, on a recent shoe-shopping trip, I realized that over half the shoes I considered were those of the mule variety.

While, technically, a mule is just a backless shoe, the following tips and rules apply to dress and fashion mules, as opposed to heavier-soled clogs or comfort, flat-heeled mules.
  • Trying on Mules

    When trying on a pair of mules, you'll want to be sure that your heel doesn't hang over the back edge or the sides of the shoe. Not only is this unattractive, it's also uncomfortable.

    While you don't want to see too much of the soles around your feet, a slight margin will prevent you from looking as if you crammed your feet into shoes that don't fit. Be sure to stand and walk in the mules you're considering, to be certain they fit properly.

  • Mules with Pants and Skirts

    Personally, my favorite way to wear mules is with long trousers, or longer skirts - but thinner-heeled mules can also look great with shorter skirts, if you have the legs for it.

  • Dress or Casual Mules?

    When it comes to mules, the chunkier the heel, the more casual the shoe will appear.

  • Mules for Larger Legs

    If you have large legs, or thick ankles, opt for a mule with a chunkier heel when wearing a dress or skirt. This will make your ankles appear thinner, while pointy heeled mules will actually make your ankles seem thicker. Mules with a chunky wedge heel are also a good choice for making your ankles seem slimmer.

  • Mules for Thinner Legs

    Mules with thin, stiletto, or dainty kitten heels are best for women with thin legs, or bony ankles.

  • Hosiery with Mules

    Dress socks, tights or hose are great with mules and slacks or longer skirts. With shorter skirts, sheer hosiery or bare legs is a good look, although the latter will probably not be perceived as being very professional.

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