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2010 Summer Shoes Guide

Trends and Styles for the Entire Family


Some of the hottest in Summer shoes for women include platform sandals with sky-high heels, woven uppers, Summer booties, and wedges. And while men's and kids' shoes don't change quite as dramatically as women's shoes, there's still lots of great Summer styles to choose from.

Whether you're looking for casual flip-flops or sizzling evening sandals, this 2010 Summer Shoes Guide has you covered.

Top Summer Shoe Styles for Women

Platform shoes are still hot this Summer, and the heels are only getting higher, but even if thick soles and sky-high heels aren't your style, you still have loads of stylish footwear choices. Wedge heels are back with a vengeance, as are any shoes and sandals with woven uppers.

And if you're looking for sandals that are as easy on your feet as they are on the eyes, you'll be happy to know that there is a whole new crop of gorgeous flat sandals for 2010.

Below are links to some of the hottest styles of the season.


2010 Summer Shoe Trends for Women

Gladiator sandals are in again this Summer, and even those who have never appreciated the trend may want to have another look, as this year's styles are much more flattering than the Greco-Roman sandals before them.

Another carry over over from last year is women's sandals and shoes in medium and light neutral shades, but color-lovers shouldn't despair, as blues and greens are also hot.

The most exciting trend of the season of the season has to be Summer boots and booties, and there are lots of styles available with open toes or uppers that lend themselves to warm weather.

Check out the articles below for information on all of these women's shoe trends.


Women's Sandals for 2010

Of course, it wouldn't be warm weather without sandals. Below, I've linked to some of my top choices for women, ranging from casual flip-flops to sexy high heels. And if it's comfort you're after, check out some of these Top Brands in Sandals, filled with comfort and athletic styles.


Hot Styles for Men

While many guys I know are "sandal-phobic," I'm hoping with enough encouragement, they'll come around. Below are some of the hottest sandal styles of the season, as well as some picks and advice for guys who aren't yet ready to bare their "soles."


Shoes for Warm Weather Special Occasions

Graduation parties, weddings and plenty of other formal occasions will be popping up for a lot of us this summer. Check out some of these resources for those special occasions, including a comprehensive guide to wedding and bridal shoes.


Summer Shoes for Kids

Whether they're running around the backyard at a family get-together, or participating in more organized warm weather activities, your kids (and their shoes) are going to get a workout this Summer. The top picks below, along with these se tips on shoe shopping for children should help cover their footwear needs. The rest is up to you.


Wearing Them Well

Finding great shoes is only half the battle - you also have to wear them well. Here are a few tips for matching your favorite shoes to some of summer's hottest clothing styles.


Evening Shoes - Ah, Those Summer Nights

Warmer weather lends itself to lots of evening events. Guys will want to take a look at some of these Top Men's Dress Shoes, and women will get tons of ideas on what kind of shoes to wear once the sun starts to set with these hot choices in evening shoes.


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