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2010 Fall Shoes Guide


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2010 Fall Shoes Guide: Hottest Colors

Velvet Angels 'Marquee' ankle boots in navy blue, one of the hottest colors in fall shoes for 2010.

Image courtesy of Endless.com
Without a doubt, it's gray shoes and other neutral shoes that are topping the charts this fall, and of course, every autumn earth-tone colors come to the forefront. But if you want to be on trend and you're looking for shoes that are a bit more … well, colorful, then it's blue shoes you're after -- especially mid-tone and dark blues, like royal and navy.

What's nice about these shades of blue is that they're much more versatile than some of the lighter shades, and they're also multi-seasonal, so style permitting, you can easily wear medium and dark blue shoes year 'round.

Other popular fall shoe colors include red and dark green, and 2010 is also seeing the return of animal print shoes. Next: Top Women's Shoe Styles for Fall

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