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Choosing the Right Footwear

Footwear fashion tips and advice, including how to wear the latest shoe styles and how NOT to wear them.
  1. Shoe FAQs (9)
  2. Advice / Tips for Kids (3)
  3. Advice / Tips for Men (10)
  4. Advice / Tips for Women (19)
  5. How To (19)
  6. If You Like ... (2)
  7. What to Wear with ... (22)

Wearing Shoes in the House
How do you feel about wearing shoes in the house? Would you prefer that visitors to your house remove their shoes upon entering? Find out where others land on these issues.

Ugly Shoes - What's Your Least Favorite Shoe Trends?
Is it Crocs that do your head in, or is it platforms you despise? Tell us your least favorite shoe trends, and see what others had to say about the matter.

The Best Shoes for Long Skirts
Finding the right shoes to wear with long skirts can be a little tricky, but there's actually several great choices. Check out this image gallery full of great combinations and helpful tips.

Shoes for Skinny Jeans
Wondering which shoes work well with skinny jeans? Wonder no more, this article includes some of the best (and worst) shoes to wear with skinny jeans.

Shoes and Clothing - How to Select the Right Shoes for your Clothing
If choosing shoes to match your clothing causes you stress and lands you in a pair of black pumps every day, then you'll love this helpful guide on how to choose the right shoes for your clothing. Included are tips on selecting the right shoe colors, finding shoes that will complement your outfit, and picking the right shoes for any occasion.

Tights and Hose with Open-Toed Shoes
Why is it wrong to wear tights, stockings, hose or pantyhose with open-toed shoes? What if I don't like my legs? Find out the answer to these and other shoe questions.

Some people believe that the more expensive the shoe, the better it must be. But are expensive or designer shoes worth the extra money? Learn the answer to these and other shoe questions.

How to Choose the Right Men's Shoes
Armed with these tips, you'll never have difficulty choosing the right shoes again.

Worst Shoe Trends
I consider the following to be among the all time worst shoe trends. While I love outrageous footwear and fashion, I've yet to see the charms of gladiator sandals or ostrich shoes. That being said, I firmly believe that great things are accomplished by those who take chances -- and if that's true, some wonderful things are in store for the...

Buy Shoes on a Shoestring Budget
There are several ways to save money when you buy shoes. Check out these tips for how to find the best sales and deals in footwear.

Flip Flops - The DOs and DON'Ts
the fact of the matter is, there are times when flip-flops are not only acceptable, they're actually ideal. This article discusses how to wear them, what to wear them with, and most importantly, when not to wear flip flops and thong sandals.

The Best Shoes for Capri Pants
If you've got capri pants in your closet, then you may want to check out these tips for finding the best shoes for them.

White Shoes After Labor Day
Is it really wrong to wear white shoes after labor day? Check out these answer to this and other footwear questions.

Is it OK to wear Hose with Open-Toed Shoes?
The short answer is "yes," but read on for some helpful tips.

The Best Shoes for Cropped Pants
Cross-trainers. Ankle boots. Want to know some of the other DON'Ts for capri pants? Be sure to check out this article.

Shoe Trends - The Biggest Shoe Trends of the Decade
The first decade of the 21st century was host to several big shoe trends. This retrospective highlights some of the biggest trends and events in footwear of the noughties.

Shopping for Children's Shoes - Tips & Advice
Dreading the next time your kids need new shoes? Relax! These tips will make your next shoe shopping trip a breeze.

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