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Cute Shoes

Top Brands and Designers


The word "cute" means different things to different people, but generally speaking, cute shoes get a reaction. Below are a several brands and designers who offer an overwhelming number of cute shoes. And whether the word means sexy or sweet to you, if you like cute shoes, there's a label on this list for you.

Rocket Dog - Trendy, Affordable & Comfy

One of my favorite casual shoe brands, Rocket Dog has an irresistible lineup of sneakers, flats, sandals, wedges, and boots. They're also very affordable, and, I have to add that all the pairs of Rocket Dog shoes I have owned have been extremely comfortable as well. Official Site

Sassy Tootsies - Flip-Flop Sandals with Bows

I absolutely lived in a pair of these adorable flip-flops one summer, and I have to say, no pair of shoes I own has received more compliments. These simple, but comfortable, rubber flip-flops are adorned with colorful bows, and crystal embellishments. I'm deciding right now which colors I'll order for this summer. Official Site

PF Flyers - Retro Sneakers

Cute in a punky, urban, old-school way, PF flyers are just classic sneakers, but the color choices and little details make them off-the-charts cute. Offered in low or high top styles. Official Site

Classics : Keds

If it's sneakers you're after, they don't come much cuter than the classic brand Keds. As if the slim, trim pointy-toe canvas style of everyone's youth weren't cute enough, they've recently upped the ante with sandals and canvas skimmers, as well as polka dot, floral and plaid prints. Official Site

Marc Jacobs - Designer Shoes

Though he was dubbed the "Guru of Grunge" not the "Guru of Cute," Marc Jacobs designs some really cute shoes and handbags. With an interesting take on styles, and up-to-the-minute detailing, he definitely knows the impact of a well placed bow, chunky heel or ankle strap. Official Site

Cute Shoe Style: Mary Janes

Not a brand or a designer, but the epitome of cute shoe styles is the Mary Jane, and oh how this style has grown. What was once a take on children's flat dress shoes, Mary Janes are now available as sneakers, pumps, and any other type of shoe you can think of -- but by and large, they're always cute.
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