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Worst Shoe Trends

My Least Favorite Shoe Trends of All-Time


The following shoe trends disturb me. While I love outrageous footwear and fashion, I've yet to see the charms of gladiator sandals or ostrich shoes. That being said, I firmly believe that great things are accomplished by those who take chances -- and if that's true, some wonderful things are in store for the creators (and followers) of the following bad shoe trends.

1. Men's Dress Sandals

Men's Dress Sandals
Image provided by PriceGrabber.com
I appreciate the notion of cool and comfortable summer footwear as much as anyone, but men's sandals that attempt to be professional really take the concept a bit too far.

It's a sad fact that business menswear is uncomfortable during the hot season, but none the less, it is a fact. Just like you wouldn't ditch your suit pants for madras shorts, leave the sandals for after work.
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2. Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator Sandals
Image provided by PriceGrabber.com
While the version I've shown here is an extreme example of gladiator sandals, I've never been much of a fan of them in any form. I suppose given enough time, I could be convinced that they weren't one of the signs of the apocolypse, but it will take a mind far more creative than mine to conjure an outfit with which shoes like these would actually flatter the wearer.
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3. Jelly Shoes

Jelly Shoes
Image provided by Shoes.com
I avoided them like the plague in the eighties, and at this stage in the game, it's doubtful I'll ever come around on jelly shoes.

In a nutshell, my problem with them is that there's just nothing flattering about them.

They're not made of a nice material, they don't look particularly comfortable, and they don't even go with much.

In short, it seems as if there would just always be a better choice.

But don't tell the people I went to high school with. I'm sure most of them have had a pair or two stashed in their closet for the last couple of decades, just waiting for their chance to pull them out again.

4. Crocs

Image provided by PriceGrabber.com
Okay, I know I'm stepping on sacred ground here, and I don't mean to insult the rubber footwear Gods, but I definitely think this trend has been somewhat abused. I know they're comfortable, and I'm aware that for a lot of professionals who stand on their feet all day long, these shoes border on being a neccessity.

If you're gardening, working in a clog-friendly environment, playing water sports ... fine, pull out the Crocs and have at it.

But beyond that, try to remember that your kids will see pictures of you in these shoes decades from now, and you'll have to explain your choices.
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5. Boots That Look Like Shoes and Socks

Boots that Look Like Shoes and Socks
Image provided by PriceGrabber.com
Or boots that look like shoes and tights, or shoes and leggings, or really, boots that look like anything other than boots.

And yet, some fabulous designers jumped on this odd trend.

I can only assume the idea appealed to someone -- in fact, I'm sure it did.

Whatever the case, if you've found a way to make styles like this work, more power to you, but I'm very happy I managed to steer clear of this one.
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6. Ostrich Shoes - Faux or Otherwise

Ostrich Shoes
Image provided by PriceGrabber.com
I know there are many fashion-forward guys who will disagree with me on this one, but for some reason, the ostrich thing just isn't working for me.

For starters, whether the shoes are made of real ostrich or fake ostrich, it looks as if they've been infected with some sort of pox, or as if some other really terrible thing has befallen a perfectly fine pair of dress shoes.

When it comes dress shoes, to I definitely prefer a sleeker look, but I have the utmost respect for a guy who'll throw caution to the wind when it comes to footwear and fashion.
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7. Clarks Wallabee Shoes

Clarks Wallabee Shoes
Image provided by PriceGrabber.com
Clarks England has some really nice looking shoes. But, when I was younger, and I'd hear people refer to "sensible shoes" it was an image of Clarks' Wallabee shoes that always came to mind. Of course, that's before I knew they were called "Wallabees," and certainly before I knew they had such a huge and loyal following. People are crazy for these shoes, and I just don't get it.

One day, I was shopping at DSW, I heard a man and a woman talking about Clarks. The woman said "Oh, I love the Wallabees." I practically broke my neck turning too quickly to see what type of people would be having such a discussion. I was surprised to find that it was a perfectly cute and well-dressed young couple. I guess that's why there's chocolate and vanilla.
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