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Which Shoes have Red Soles?


Question: Which Shoes have Red Soles?
It seems like I'm always seeing women wearing shoes with red bottoms. I assume they're designer shoes since so many celebrities wear them. Could you tell me which shoes have red soles?
Answer: Christian Louboutin is the designer behind the red-soles shoes you've been seeing in magazines and on red carpets.

Known for his incredibly sexy pumps and high heeled sandals, Christian Louboutin began incorporating red soles into his shoe designs in 1992, when he borrowed a bottle of nail polish from an assistant and painted the black soles on a pair of shoes red.

Today, celebrities and fashionistas alike clamor for red-soled shoes from Christian Louboutin, and some fans even line up for hours for the opportunity to have the designer autograph shoes from his collections.

For more information on Christian Louboutin and his red-bottomed shoes, be sure to check out the following articles and photo galleries. Sources:

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