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What's your shoe size? Who's your favorite shoe designer? And when it comes to high heels, how high is too high? For answers to these, and other pressing shoe questions, be sure to have a look at these shoe surveys, quizzes and polls -- and don't forget to share your own thoughts as well.

Shoes in the House?
Wow. I could have never anticipated the number of responses to this survey -- and I don't think anyone would believe how passionately people feel about the topic.

How Do You Feel About Wearing Used Shoes?
The thought of wearing used shoes may be disgusting to some, but to others, discovering the perfect pair of vintage shoes is tantamount to finding the Holy Grail. What are your thoughts?

Cosmetic Foot Surgery
Would you consider having an elective surgery or procedure just to fit into a fabulous pair of shoes? Do you know someone who has? Share your thoughts on cosmetic foot surgery, and read what others have had to say.

Why do Women Love Shoes?
It's such a stereotype that all women love shoes, and I'm here to tell you that they absolutely don't. But then, a lot of women really do. So, let's talk about those of us who do for a moment. Why?

The Most Comfortable Shoes Ever
Here's another really popular topic -- and, a very helpful one as well. If you're in love with a particular brand or style for comfort, we'd love to hear about it. If you need a recommendation, this is a good place to start.

All-Time Worst Shoe Trends
Is it Crocs that do your head in, or is it platforms you despise? Sound off here!

The Best Things about High Heeled Shoes
High heeled shoes are an absolute obsession with a lot of people, but there's also a whole legion of people who just don't seem to understand that passion for heels. Here, readers respond to those who don't get it.

How do You Organize Your Shoes?
Are they arranged neatly in stylish shoe boxes, or are they in a heap under your bed? You simply must share, because those of us who aren't very organized really could use the help.

Do You Have Trouble Finding Shoes that Fit?
I hear from people all the time who have difficulty buying shoes because their feet fall outside of what the industry has determined to be the "standard" shoe sizes. Is the shoe industry meeting your needs?

Which Celebrity Would You Most Like to See Launch a Shoe Line
Jessica Simpson, Fergie, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and Reba McEntire are just a few of the celebrities to have launched shoe collections that bear their name, and I've no doubt that there are more to come. But the question is, which celebrity would you most like to see a line of shoes from?

The Best Deal I Ever Got on a Pair of Shoes was ...
Everybody loves scoring a good deal on a pair of killer shoes. What's the best deal you ever got?

Which feature is the most important to you when buying shoes?
In ideal world, all shoes would fit properly, be crazy-comfortable, and look like a million bucks. But if you have to choose based on only one of these features, which is most important to you?

Show Off Your Special Shoes
Whether they're the shoes your grandmother wore on here wedding day, a new pair of designer pumps or an old pair worn-out sneakers, it seems like everyone has a favorite pair of shoes. Here's a chance to show yours off.

Do You Wear Socks with Sneakers?
This seemed like such a fun and trivial question when I created this poll. Who knew that people took the issue of socks with sneakers so seriously?

Who Makes the Sexiest Shoes?
This one's pretty straight-forward, isn't it?

Your Favorite Shoes
Show your favorite shoe designers or brands some love by telling the world who they are, and why they make your short list.

Warmest Winter Boots
If you've got winter beat with a warm pair of winter boots, don't hold back. Those of us with cold feet need your help!


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