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Merrell Shoes and Boots for Men

It's About Getting Outdoors



Merrell Men's 'Jungle Moc'


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History of Merrell Shoes and Boots

Merrell is all about “getting outside.” What began in the Green Mountains in Vermont in the early 80s looking for a way to make cheaper, better men’s hiking boots has morphed into an amazing company with great products. For more than 26 years now, Merrell has been providing outdoor enthusiasts with performance men's shoes and boots

In 1997 Merrell was sold to Wolverine Worldwide which own many brands and specializes in manly, tough men’s boots. This enabled the brand to really broaden their reach. In 2007, the Merrell line was expanded to include apparel and accessories, and by 2010 Merrell products were being sold all over the world.

Over time, the concepts of "outdoor" has been broadened to include all types of activities and environments - both in the mountains and the city, and Merrell has help define this with a wide range of products.

As they mention on their website:

The next 26 years? Like every outdoor enthusiast, we will continue to "Get Outside." 

Merrell and Giving Back

The Merrell outreach program supports and encourages everyone to get outside, especially kids. Some of the organizations they support include: 

The National Park Foundation, Appalachian Trail Conservancy, American Hiking Society, Bay Area Wilderness Training, Conservation Alliance, Project Athena, and the Youth Outdoors Legacy Fund.

Merrell Shoes and Boots for Men

While Merrell started out making hiking boots, they have expanded into many different areas. Their most popular men’s shoe is the casual, but flexible Merrell Jungle Moc. It’s a great shoe after a long day of activity.

You can also find trail shoes, Gortex hiking boots, and their latest is their line of barefoot-like running shoes that they have recently introduced. It has a little more support than the Vibram that set the world on fire, but that adds a little more and protection when going through rough terrain.

Manufacturer's Website

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