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Shoe Brands - P through R

Articles, shopping and resources for shoe brands and designers whose names begin with letters P through R.

Puma Shoes for Men - Top Picks
Combining the coolest styles, comfortability and functionality, shoes from Puma consistently top the wish lists of sneaker fans.

Puma Sneakers for Women - Top Picks
I dare say I could pick forty pair of Puma and would still struggle with the elimination process. I want you to see them all! But I could only choose a few -- here they are.

Reebok Shoes for Men - Top Picks
Built with comfort and athletics in mind, Reeboks look mainstream enough that they've become a staple in casual men's footwear. Here are a few of their best.

Report Shoes for Women - Top Picks
With contemporary and edgy styling, Report shoes are unique, trendy and affordable. Here are some of the hottest styles that Report has to offer.

Rocket Dog - About the Brand
Combining cuteness, edginess, retro styling and loads of funk, Rocket Dog shoes are the ultimate in hip. Here's some basic info on the brand, and where to buy the shoes.

Rocket Dog Shoes for Women - Top Picks
Rocket Dog is just one of those companies that seems to have its finger on the pulse of what is cool - or maybe they help define it. Either way, these top styles rock.

Rockport Shoes - Profile and History
Combining comfort, style and performance, Rockport shoes are extremely popular. Here's an interesting look at the company and the footwear.

Rockport Shoes for Men - Top Picks
You can go from the office to the beach and sport Rockports at both ends of the trip, and at every point in between. Here are some of my favorite styles.

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