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Cheap Shoes that Look Good

Where to Find Stylish, Affordable Footwear Online


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We've all had times where we needed or wanted cheap shoes, and by cheap, I mean affordable.

Whether money is tight, the shoes will not get a lot of wear, or we just need a quick pick-me-up and don't want to spend a lot for a fix; there are times when inexpensive shoes are definitely the ticket.

The Price of "Cheap Shoes"

Since "cheap" and "affordable" are relative terms, I decided to be more specific, and set out to find shoes sellers that had a decent selection of shoes for less than $30 U.S.

I was surprised at the styles and brands I was able to find -- and I've listed several of them below. For shoes that cost even less, you can also check out my list of top places to find shoes under $20.

6pm.com - Cheap Brand Name and Designer Shoes

The best thing to happen to shoes since heels, 6pm.com is a virtual paradise for shoe-loving bargain hunters.

I've seen Nine West evening shoes for less than $20, and loads of other brand names for just over $10. They even have designer shoes for up to 75% off.

With styles for women, men and kids, and flat-rate shipping, this is site a definite must-see. Buy Direct

GoJane.com - Cheap Shoes in Popular Styles

GoJane.com is another one of my favorite places to browse for low priced shoes. They have great, trendy styles, and the prices are always right -- I've seen some styles as low as $9.00.

Most of the shoes, boots and sandals they carry are from names you probably haven't heard before, but the styles are spot-on trendy, and the prices truly can't be beat.

In fact, at the time this article was written, the most expensive footwear I found was a pair of over-the-knee boots for just under $80. And these boots were, by far, the most pricey on the site. Buy Direct

DSW.com - Great Deals on Designer and Brand Name Shoes

Most bargain-hunting shoe lovers are already familiar with Designer Shoe Warehouse, and happily, they can now shop for the same type of deals online.

If you're a rewards member, you can also check your account balance and details, and if you're not, you can sign up to become one -- which will help you save even more on brands like Stuart Weitzman, Franco Sarto, and Adidas. Buy Direct

GothamCityOnline.com - Brand Name Shoes on the Cheap

Those in the know know to check out GothamCityOnline for great deals on designer and brand name shoes, boots and sandals -- even celebrities shop there.

But beyond their discounts, there's two more good reasons to check out this footwear-peddling powerhouse. First, they're a great source for those hard to find gems you thought you'd never be able to track down. And secondly, they're a very giving group, having assisted in raising over 1.3 million dollars for charity since 1999. Vendor's Site

eBay - Cool Shoes at Cool Prices

I often find myself turning to eBay when I'm looking for affordable shoes, discontinued styles, or something that fits a description (ex. yellow hightops) instead of a brand or designer name.

Using the same precautions you would with any eBay auction -- check the seller's feedback, shipping costs, etc. -- you can find some great looking new and used, inexpensive footwear on eBay.

I once scored a pair of gently used Doc Martens for only six dollars! Official Site

Payless - Stylish and Affordable Shoes

Who hasn't shopped at Payless ShoeSource at some point or another?

That's because Payless has an amazing knack for staying on top of shoe trends.

A recent tour through their web site showed sandals that were right on par with the season's hottest trends for women, plus an extensive selection of men's and children's shoes as well. And, the vast majority of those shoes were priced at less than $20 per pair.

You can shop at one of the thousands of Payless stores throughout the U.S and Canada, or shop online at the Payless web site. Buy Direct

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