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Journeys Shoes

Hip, Hot, and in a Mall Near You


If you love hip and trendy shoes, you should definitely check out Journeys.

Catering to the teen and young adult market, there are over 600 Journeys shoe stores throughout the United States. Located in major malls, the retailer certainly has the benefit of prime locations on its side, but what brings buyers back is the brands carried, and the attitude reflected in the selection of Journeys shoes.

Retail Stores

Dr. Martens, Diesel, Vans, Adidas, Adio, Steve Madden and Rocket Dog are just a few of the cutting-edge brands that Journeys carries. Having a knack for stocking the most popular styles from the hottest brands and competitive pricing makes this store a natural destination for fashion-forward youth and their more mature, eternally hip counterparts.

Journeys stores are small, but that's part of their charm, as it seems you can't turn around without bumping into another pair of "must-have" cool shoes. Packed with all the right stuff, Journeys is sort of like a training ground for future footwear fashionistas and sneaker freaks in training.

With an abundance of top sneaker brands and popular casual shoe styles, this chain is a surprisingly great place to look for dress shoes too. Especially when you're shopping for something you're relatively sure your parents wouldn't wear.


If you're not lucky enough to live near one of these fun shoe stores, you can also shop via the Journeys website, where you'll find a great selection from most of the same brands you can find in-store.

One of my favorite features of Journeys online store is the ability to check whether an item you want is available at one of your local stores. So, if you see a pair of Converse shoes you need in a hurry, one quick click will let you know whether your local store has it in stock for you.

If there's not a Journeys convenient, then you can always have your order shipped to you. Their shipping prices are reasonable, and express shipping is available, but be sure to check their shipping policies before buying to be sure they're in line with your needs and expectations.

Beyond Shoes

Make no mistake, Journeys is predominantly a shoe store, and it's their selection of shoes that makes them a great stop on any mall trip. But every good retailer knows that stocking "impulse buy" extras makes shoppers happy, and brings in a bit more cash. In addition to shoes, visitors to a local Journeys or the Journeys web site will find trendy watches, backpacks, handbags, socks and t-shirts as well. Prices for these extras range from about $3.50 for a pair of funky shoelaces to about $70 for a Fossil watch.

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