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Just the Right Shoe by Raine

Collectible Miniatures


The next best thing to a new pair of shoes for someone obsessed with footwear? A miniature collectible version of just the right shoe.

If you're into collectibles, chances are you already know about "Just the Right Shoe" by Raine. But if you've been spending all of your time searching for shoes you can actually wear, you might have missed out on one of the hottest collectibles and coolest gift items for shoe lovers.

Distributed by Dept. 56, "Just the Right Shoe" by Raine is a line of tiny, ceramic, right-footed shoes which have been broken into series like "Step Into Elegance" and "Step Into Your Fantasies."

Carried by gift and department stores, these little shoes, measuring approximately 4 inches, have created quite a stir among collectors and shoe lovers, with many fans trying desperately to collect every shoe that has ever been issued.

As with many limited edition collectibles, new items are issued at set intervals; club members have access to special releases and newsletters; and coveted retired editions can fetch big money.

Prices for these new releases of these mini marvels range from $15 to $60.

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