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Shoes from Target Stores


While I know that when it comes to shopping for bargains, we're a nation obsessed with Wal-Mart. And while I can understand that addiction, I must admit, when it comes to affordable shoes and accessories, I have a love for Target that is unsurpassed by any other general merchandise store.

I visit a variety of local Target stores weekly, and don't consider it a trip without a spin through the shoe section. Here's a peek at what you can find at your local Target store, or at Target online.

1. The Clearance Section - The First Stop on Any Trip

When shopping for shoes, you should always check the clearance section -- especially at a store like Target, where the merchandise rolls over rather quickly.

Granted, their prices are low enough that sales aren't usually necessary to score a great deal, but still, when isn't a savings of 30% to 50% welcome?

It's best if you can try them on, but if what you're looking for isn't available at your local Target store, don't forget to check their web site where loads of great deals await you.

2. Flats You'll Flip For

Brimming with ballet flats, loafers, and canvas skimmers, fans of low heeled shoes will adore the selection of flats available at Target.

Many of the styles are tempting, but I especially love the styles that are aimed at "juniors." They're cute, and the prices can't be beat, with many of Target's own brands ringing up at less than $20.

3. Athleisure Shoes - Cute Sneakers at Great Prices

Of all the great shoe styles at Target (and there are many), by far my favorite styles are those in their "Athleisure" section -- read "sneakers whose main purpose is to look cute."

While there are enough simple, classic shoes to keep conservative types happy, it's their inexpensive retro styles that keep me coming back again and again. And, of course, their selection of Converse sneakers doesn't hurt either.

4. Career Shoes - Affordable Fashions for the Office

Who wants to spend a fortune on shoes for the office, when there are so many fabulous evening shoes to splurge on?

But spending thriftily, and staying within the office dress code, doesn't mean you can't have stylish shoes too. That's where Target's career footwear comes into play.

There isn't a huge selection of classic styles, but there's usually enough to cover your basics -- and to do so at a good price, as well.

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