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Back to School Shoes for Women and Girls

Must-See Styles for 2013


One of the best parts of heading back to school is that it's a great excuse to buy all those must-have shoes on your wish list. But whether you have an unlimited budget or only a little to spend, knowing the hottest styles and trends will help to make shopping easy and fun.

Below are some of the hottest footwear styles and brands for teen girls and young women heading to high school or college in 2013.


Many of you probably spend a lot of time in sneakers. They're comfortable, laid-back and easy to pair with lots of casual outfits. Naturally, sneakers are as varied as the girls who'll be wearing them.

Whether you're a tomboy or a girly-girl, there's a pair of sneakers out there with your name on them. Below are a few of the hottest and most popular styles.

Of course, serious athletes will want to look at styles specifically aimed at their particular sport. (Buy Direct)


Casual Footwear

As great as sneakers are, there are going to be times when you want to feel a little bit dressier -- or maybe just a little bit different than you do on other days. That's when casual shoes come in.

Even if you're a jeans-only kind of girl, the styles listed below will offer a nice alternative to tennis shoes, and most of them will also work well with leggings, casual skirts, and casual dresses.


Heels and Dress Shoes

Some girls are naturally attracted to heels, while others will go their whole lives resenting their invention.

Naturally, the styles below are mostly intended for the girls and women who actually like them, but even if flats are your best friend (and they're mine too), it doesn't hurt to have at least one pair of heels in your closet for those occasions when you really want to kick it up a notch.

And if you totally hate heels, feel free to just skip these picks all together.


Booties and Boots Galore

Boots aren't just for winter anymore -- in fact, they've finally been recognized as one of the most versatile forms of footwear there is.

Flat boots, heeled boots, casual boots, or dressy boots, it really doesn't matter which styles you prefer. It only matters that you have a pair you love.


Finding the Best Styles

While the breakouts above will cover most of your basic footwear needs, chances are, you'll probably be more comfortable in one type of footwear than you are in others. And, that's totally cool, because there's such a selection of styles in every type of women's footwear, that you could practically go your whole life wearing only heels, only sneakers, only sandals, or only boots, and still have a lot of variety in your wardrobe.

The articles below will help you find your perfect shoes, no matter what your particular style is.


Where to Score the Best Deals on Women's and Girls' School Shoes

This category really doesn't need a lead-in -- we all love a great deal.

Whatever your shoe needs, you're likely to find a bargain by using the sources in the following articles.


School Shoes for the Rest of the Family

Is there another member of your family who'll be needing new school shoes? If so, be sure to check out the following articles.


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