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Candie's Shoes

Top Picks for Juniors 2010


Candies shoes have been making waves in the ocean of footwear since the 1970s, and with rotating pop stars as their "it" girls, they're likely to be making more. While the sturdy-soled slide is, of course, one of their hallmarks, they offer a variety of styles that teens and young women will love. Here are a few of my favorites.

1. 'Gabriella' Zebra-Striped Candie's Shoes

Print shoes add a bit of punch to any outfit, and this gray on gray zebra stripe has personality to spare. The ballerina flat design makes them easy to pair with anything in you casual wardrobe, and the knotted accents give them that little something extra.

2. Candie's 'Drue' High Heeled Shoes

Thanks to their 3.5" heels and glossy uppers, these open-toed pumps will get attention whether your wear them casually, or with slightly dressier clothes -- and the light neutral vamp straps help make these black shoes even more versatile.

3. 'Sybil' Flat Shoes from Candie's

Flats like these are easy to pair with so many things: capris, jeans, casual short skirts, and even shorts. And, they come in basic black, there's no need to tuck them away when the seasons change.

4. Candie's Paisley Flip Flops

Fun, funky and flirtatious, these wedge-heeled thongs feature paisley fabric uppers in pink or purple. Ideal for pairing with shorts, jeans, or short casual skirts, these cute sandals have 1.5" heels.

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