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Girls' Sneakers

Top Picks for 2011


If you're like I was as a teen, you probably wear sneakers more than any other kind of shoes. But even if sneakers aren't your every day choice, its always good to have a comfortable pair around for when you want to have a really casual day.

Comfort is the most important factor -- you want to really love wearing these shoes -- and of course, the cute factor is also paramount.

Sneakers are one type of shoe you should definitely have fun with. Here are a few of my faves.

1. Puma Sneakers "Roma PF 2"

Puma is another classic sneaker brand with loads of great styles. Lately, I'm all about the "Roma" styles but I've always been a fan of their "Cat" lines as well. There's a style among these streamlined sneakers for nearly anyone, but my experience has been that they run a bit small and narrow. I usually go up a size when I'm buying Puma sneakers. You may find it helpful to check try them on, or check online reviews before ordering.

2. Onitsuka Tiger by Asics "Ultimate 81"

With hot vintage styling, the Ultimate 81 is actually billed as a running shoe, but I won't tell anyone if you prefer to just walk in them. One of the most comfortable shoes you'll probably ever wear, this sneaker is loaded with stripey goodness, and comes in awesome colorways like orange peel with white, or turquoise with orange.

3. "Rave" Keds Sneakers in Suede

If you love Mischa, then you'll love seeing Keds on this list -- but even if you're not a fan of Ms. Barton, you shouldn't hold it against this classic shoe brand. Besides, when you get a load of these red, cute, red, suede, red, sneakers you won't care who else does or doesn't have them. They're positively unique and perfectly cute.

4. "Chuck Taylor All Stars - Simple Details" - Classic Converse Sneakers

Everyone knows the Chuck Taylor All Star is a footwear icon, and it's one of those shoes that's almost never the wrong choice. Here's an updated version called the "Simple Details" that features oversized eyelets and fat laces -- cute and still edgy.

5. Adidas "Comptown" Sneakers

Few things on earth make me happier than a pair of Adidas sneakers, and the "Comptown" is currently topping my "must-have" list. Supposedly, these were inspired by basketball shoes of the 1980s, but I honestly don't remember anyone having shoes this cool back then. Whatever the case, these suede sneakers come in several different colors, and they're hotter than Georgia asphalt -- I'm crazy about the chalk, black and pink version.

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