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Gold Pumps

What to Wear with Gold Pumps



Badgley Mischka 'Lissa'

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Badgley Mischka 'Lissa'

So many women love the way gold pumps look, but are a little bit wary of trying them out themselves. I'm not sure why this is, but I suspect it's because gold pumps tend to be conspicuous, and a lot of women aren't looking for their shoes to command so much attention.

It's definitely true that gold pumps are anything but subtle, and the brassy gold pumps, like the pair shown here, are less than ideal for anyone looking to blend in -- but more often than not, the reason gold shoes stand out is because they're not paired with colors that complement them as well as they could.

So, let's clear up a bit of the confusion about gold pumps by addressing which colors will look best with some of the most popular shades of gold shoes.

Pale or Champagne Gold Pumps: This light and soft shade of gold is ideal for pairing with whites, light neutrals (cream, ivory, beige), light earth tones (light brown, green and coral), and pale shades of blue.

Dark or Antique Gold Pumps: Darker gold is ideal for pairing with black, tans, browns, dark blues, and dark greens.

Bright or Brassy Gold Pumps: Very bright shades of gold will work with nearly any color, but because they're so dominant, care must be taken to insure that the gold on other accessories is a good match. This is also a case where you want to create a very cohesive look, which can be accomplished by either wearing shorter skirts and dresses, and thereby exposing a lot of leg or hosiery; or by wearing very long gowns or pants, which also adds a sense of continuity to your look.

To lighten the look of any gold pumps, look for foot-revealing cuts, higher heels, and open toes.

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