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Liliana Shoes

Sexy and Affordable Liliana Shoes



Liliana 'Cherry' Ankle Strap Shoes

Image: Endless.com

Liliana 'Cherry' Ankle Strap Shoes

The idea of affordable shoes is always an attractive one, but the shoes themselves sometimes leave something to be desired. Too often, low-priced shoes are either not comfortable, they don't hold up well, or they're just not that attractive. For those reasons, I did a quite a double-take when I first saw these Liliana shoes at Endless.com.

Retailing for $37.95, these ruffled ankle-strap shoes are very reasonably-priced, and they're also very pretty. I can't speak about whether or not they're comfortable, because I haven't tried them myself yet. In fact, I haven't tried any shoes from Liliana, but after seeing these pretties, I think that's about to change.

Customer reviews for other styles of Liliana shoes are mixed: some women love them; others, not so much, but there is a lot to choose from, and several styles are priced even lower than these, so I'm eager to check them out.

With partially-concealed platform soles and open toes, these sexy shoes feature wide ankle straps, and come in several lovely colors, including: light purple, red, gold, silver and black.

September 21, 2010

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