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Red Suede Pumps

Flirty Red Suede Pumps from Nine West



Nine West 'Mastique'

Image: Zappos.com Buy Direct

Nine West 'Mastique'

I've never met a pair of red suede pumps I didn't like, but I happen to like these fun and flirty heels from Nine West just a bit more than some of the others.

For starters, I'm crazy about the shapely heels. They're 3.5 inches tall, so they add plenty of height, but they're also chunky -- and I almost always prefer chunkier heels for comfort and stability. I also like the toes because they're open, but extend nearly to the end of the shoes, so they'll still work well with tights. And of course, the hardware-topped bows add a nice, feminine touch to these pretty pumps.

All of that aside, these pumps grabbed my attention mainly because of their red suede uppers, but don't dismiss the other versions, as these heels also look great in navy, dark purple and black. Any of the colors would be fantastic for fall and winter, and they'd be an especially nice accessory for your holiday wardrobe.

October 08, 2010

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