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Sugar Floaties

Sugar Floatie Flip Flops for Women



Sugar Floatie Flip-Flops

Image: Endless.com

Sugar Floatie Flip-Flops

These adorable Sugar Floaties are on their way to my house as I'm writing this. For me, this is quite a big deal, as I've been meaning to buy a pair of these adorable flip-flops for years, but it seemed like either I couldn't find them when I went looking, or when I did find them, they were no longer available in my size/color choice.

It's not that surprising that they've been so difficult to track down: they're incredibly popular, priced at right around 25 dollars per pair, and they're too cute for words. Needless to say, when I just found them at Endless.com, I jumped all over them. I ordered the pink and red combination, but after placing my order, I saw that they also came in zebra print with a bright red strap. It's probably best that I didn't know that at the time, as I'm sure I would have had too much trouble choosing a favorite.

Also available in black and turquoise, these women's flip flops are made from synthetic and manmade materials, and they have spongy 1" soles. But what really seems to excite people about Sugar Floatie flip-flops is that they float. At least, that's the rumor, and I'm guessing by the name that it's actually the reality. I'll let you know for sure once I've given them a go.

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