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Guess Shoes

"Date" T-Strap Sandals


December 20, 2006
Guess Shoes -

Guess Shoes - "Date" T-Strap Sandals

Image courtesy of Zappos.com
Just like their ultra-hot handbags, Guess shoes are notoriously sexy -- and these dressy sandals are off the charts.

Heading up the list of features to get excited about is the t-strap design, which enhances nearly any foot. Then there's the ankle strap, which is one of the sexiest features a shoe can have. The metal charms and chain accents give the shoes a unique touch, and the polished heels are to die for. All in all, these shoes are crazy-sexy and sure to get attention.

Available in silver or black with gold detailing, the ankle straps leave these shoes begging to paired with a skirt that falls just below the knee or higher.

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