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Size Charts

Shoe size charts for men, women and kids.
  1. Size Charts for Children (1)
  2. Size Charts for Men (5)
  3. Size Charts for Women (5)

Find Your Shoe Size - How to Measure Your Foot
It's easy to measure your feet at home, and you don't need any special equipment to do it. Just follow the steps in this photo tutorial.

U.S. Men's Shoe Sizes to Inches Conversion Chart
Here's a conversion chart that will show you what U.S. men's shoe size you need, based on the length of your feet.

Inches to U.S. Women's Shoe Sizes - Conversion Chart
If you know the measurement of your longest foot (in inches), you can use this chart to estimate your women's shoe size.

Men's International Shoe Sizes Conversion Chart
Before you buy men's shoes online, use this international shoe size conversion chart to convert men's shoe sizes from one part of the world to those of another.

Women's International Shoe Size Conversion Chart
Great tool for international, online or auction shopping.

Men's Shoe Size and Widths Chart
Use this handy chart to find the narrow, medium and wide width measurements for U.S. men's shoe sizes.

Women's Shoe Size and Widths Chart
Find all the measurements you'll need to determine whether you need narrow, average, wide, or extra-wide shoes.

Children's Shoe Size Chart - Inches to International Sizes
Shopping for kids' shoes from another country? You may want to consult this chart before you buy.

How to Convert Men's to Women's Shoe Sizes

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