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Spring Shoes 2013

Warm Weather Options for the Whole Family


Of course, most of the big seasonal changes in footwear occur in the world of women's shoes, but from season to season, there are subtle differences in men's -- and even kids' -- shoes as well.

This guide to spring shoes for 2013 offers a more in-depth look into the hottest styles and latest trends in footwear for the whole family.

2013 Spring Shoes for Women

Ivanka Trump 'Aryella' Image: Zappos.com (Buy Direct)
We all know that women's shoe trends are the biggest newsmakers, and this season, there is actually quite a lot to be excited about.

While most of 2013's top trends in women's footwear revolve around color, there are a also few styles that stand out, including flats, pointy toes, cap toes, and fashion sneakers.

For a more detailed look at what the well-shod woman will be wearing this spring, be sure to check out the hottest Spring Shoe Trends for 2013.

Men's Spring Footwear

Lacoste 'Concours 6' Image: Nordstrom.com (Buy Direct)
While it's true that men's footwear (or the rest of men's fashion, for that matter) doesn't change nearly as much, or as often, as women's does, there are still some subtle differences in what's hot from year to year, and of course, there are always the seasonal changes to keep things exciting.

This year, there's even a bit more than usual to keep things interesting for guys, since there are more colorful options than we've been seeing in recent years.

For a few of the season's most popular styles, be sure to check out my top picks in men's shoes for spring 2013.

Kids' Spring Shoes

Keen 'Coronado' Image: Zappos.com (Buy Direct)
Between spring sports; end-of-school-year events; and other warm-weather activities, spring is a busy time for kids -- and that's to say nothing of the regular craziness each school day brings with it. Throw in the frequent weather changes, and it could be a nightmare trying to guess at which pair of shoes your kid is going to need on any given day.

Calm down, and try to remember that by this time in the school year, you've probably already covered the basics. And, even if a check of the calendar reveals an event or two that your child's current shoe collection doesn't cover, there's no need to panic -- the following articles should help.

Rain Boots for the Whole Family

Bogs 'Classic High Vintage' Image: Shoebuy.com (Buy Direct)
I know that rain isn't just a spring thing, but I think it's somehow drilled into our heads as kids that the weather is going to be wetter during the spring months than it is the rest of the year... and, in some places, I'm sure that's true.

But whether or not it really does shower more in April, it's always good to have a pair of waterproof or rain boots on hand -- and spring is as good of a time as any to cross this essential footwear item off your shopping list.

Here are a few links to the year's top picks in rain boots for the entire family.

Spring Cleaning and Your Shoe Collection

Drop Front Shoe Box Image: Organize.com (Buy Direct)
Spring cleaning is a bit of a tradition here in the United States, and if you're going to be decluttering anyway, it's a fine time to look at your shoe collection as well.

Below, I've rounded up a few of my favorite shoe storage and organization products to help you get a handle on your footwear wardrobe.

Shoe Tips for any Season

While it's fun and easy to get caught up in the latest trends, there are some bits of footwear advice that should always be kept in mind.

For tips on finding the best shoes for any season, budget or style, check out some of the following footwear basics.

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