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Spring Shoe Trends for Women 2013


For more on what's hot right now, be sure to check out the top Summer Shoe Trends. But keep reading too, because all the spring styles below will work as well for the summer months as they did for spring.

When it comes to women's shoe trends, some seasons there is next to nothing to report, while other seasons, it's like there's a bounty of footwear changes. Happily for those looking for something different, the shoes of spring 2013 fall into the second category, as there are loads of new looks to be excited about.

For a closer look at all the hottest trends and latest styles in women's shoes for spring 2013, keep reading.

Colorful Shoes for Spring 2013

Truth or Dare By Madonna 'Jabulania' Image: Zappos.com
After three or four years of neutral shoes taking center stage, we're finally going to have a bright and colorful spring... at least, as far as our footwear goes.

The most popular non-neutral colors for women's shoes this season are definitely shades of coral and mint, but other pastel colors are also easy to find this year, with shades of baby blue, pale pink, pastel purple, light yellow and aqua all making appearances on the shoe store shelves.

Don't really see yourself as a pastel person?

No worries, as this spring truly is a bounty of colors, and bright hues are nearly as prevalent as their pastel counterparts. I've seen loads of styles in bright oranges, yellows, greens and turquoises. Yes, some are even acidic enough to be called "neons," but there is a good selection of shoes that are brightly-colored without being a day-glo hue -- thankfully.

When we're lucky enough to have a windfall of colorful shoes like this, my advice is always the same: if there's a color or two that always plays a big part in your wardrobe, grab coordinating shoes up now. It may not seem like deal, but honestly, when neutral colors are the thing, it can be next to impossible to find a good selection of styles in other colors. For example, a few years back, yellow was the color of the season... two years later, I could barely find enough variety in yellow shoes to keep my list of top picks in yellow shoes updated.

Color-Blocked or "Colorblock" Shoes

Nine&nbps;West 'Jule' Image: ShoeBuy.com
In other hue-news, some of those colors mentioned above are going to come in the form of blocks on our shoes. Think: pink heels, orange platforms and lime uppers... yes, that's right, color-blocking is back, even though it's only been away a few years.

I'm okay with this trend, and even like some of the styles, but as a general rule I prefer to keep my shoe color palette limited to one predominant color, with maybe a bit of trim in another shade.

Personal preferences aside, color-blocked shoes do come with their advantages. For instance, they make it easy to combine colors within the rest of your outfit. But, exercise a bit of control here and stick to adding small bits or colorful accessories to an otherwise simple outfit; you don't want to end up looking like the Partridge Family bus.

Mixed Patterns and Materials

Rachel Roy 'Gemma 4' Image: Piperlime.com
Here's a footwear trend we haven't seen in a while: mixed materials and prints. In case it's not clear what I mean by that, let me break it down this way: black and white snake print uppers, leopard heels, and zebra platform soles. Fortunately, that was just an example I made up and not a pair of shoes I've really seen, but you get the idea. It's like color blocking, but instead of the blocks being made up of solid colors, the shoes are comprised of blocks of different textures, patterns, or materials.

I'm not sure how I feel about this mixed-media approach to footwear for the long-term, but it's definitely fun as a trend.

Women's Shoes with Gold Accents

Chinese Laundry 'Lucky Charm' Image: Piperlime.com
You know how I was saying above that I prefer shoes that are mainly one color, with maybe single accent color? Well, this season, if I wanted to be ultra-trendy, I'd make that accent color gold. For spring and summer 2013, gold is making an appearance on every part of our shoes: heels, linings, embellishments, and naturally, entire uppers -- the mother of metallic colors is everywhere. But those who are looking to wear it in accordance with the laws of the fashion gods will look for styles that feature gold as an accent color for blacks, whites, light neutrals, and other colors and prints.

What's Black and White and Sexy all Over?

L.A.M.B. 'Janaye' Image: Zappos.com
Women's shoes for spring 2013!

As difficult as it is for some of us to imagine, there actually are people out there who don't want their shoes and sandals infused with colors -- bright, pastel or otherwise. Happily for those people, there are options.

For one thing, no matter how popular or trendy colorful shoes become, you'll always be able to find neutrals. For another thing, black and white shoes are extremely popular this season. Black shoes and white shoes, yes, but what I'm actually referring to are styles that feature both black and white on the same shoe -- they're hot this season, and you'll undoubtedly look hot in them.

Cap Toe Shoes

Paul Green 'Pixie' Image: Zappos.com
Also this, the focus will be on your toes.

Those who are modest, or just don't like their toes, relax! I mean your covered toes, because cap toes are sort of a mini-trend this season. You can find loads of pumps and flats with toe boxes in a contrasting color, different material, or, in some cases, embellished with spikes, rhinestones, or sequins.

Flats: Would You Like them Smoking of Pointy?

DV by Dolce Vita 'Gilly' Image: Shoes.com
A carry-over from fall and winter, the trend of flats inspired by retro men's smoking slippers is still going strong, and it's great to see some of this season's top colors making their way onto this style.

Also hot in the world of women's flat shoes are standard loafers, pointy toes, and of course, flats with the cap toes we talked about earlier.

Shoes with a Pearl, Luster or Iridescent Finish

Ivanka Trump 'Indico' Image: Nordstrom.com
While metallic shoes are hotter some seasons than others, shimmery footwear is nearly always available in some form or another. What actually changes, or makes metallic shoes trendy from one season to the next, is the details.

For example, a certain shade might be more popular than others one season, or perhaps metallic glitter is all the rage as opposed to, say, metallic fabric.

This season things are a bit different, in the fact that our shimmer isn't only coming from metallics; we're also going to be getting a healthy dose of luster from pearl finishes on pastel and neutral shoes.

I love this trend of pearlized and iridescent finishes, as it's a great way to add a bit of flash, without having to go way over the top.

Wedge Sneakers and other Fashion Sneakers

Skechers Daddy's Money 'Gimme Fancy Schmancy' Image: Zappos.com
To the delight of some, and the chagrin of others, one of the biggest shoe trends for 2013 is sneakers with wedge heels. Granted, not all of the wedge sneakers you'll see are as glittery and over the top as the ones pictured here, but let's face it, they're still sneakers with high heels hidden inside -- it's not like you're going to be able to hide in them anyway.

For those of you who just don't think you can pull off high-heeled sneakers -- and for those of you who'd prefer not to even try -- there are plenty of other trendy choices in the world of sneakers as well. I've seen loads of florals, paisleys, bright colors, and stripes, both in flats and really cute high tops.

So if casual is your thing and you love a pair of cool or unusual sneakers, then you're in luck, as they're ultra-hot for this season.

Top Women's Shoe Styles for Spring 2013

Joan and David 'Pavelya' Image: Zappos.com
And finally, I'm sure a lot of you are wondering exactly what style of shoes the well-shod will be wearing this spring. To that question, I'm happy to answer that we'll be wearing a bit of this, and a bit of that... whatever we want, really.

Yes, wedges are still in, and you can find plenty of pointy-toed pumps.

Hate platform soles?

No problem, there are loads of styles that don't have thick soles.

Love platform soles?

Great! There are plenty of those as well.

Because there are so many color, pattern, and "piece" trends, it seems as if there isn't as much focus on any one style of shoes, so really, there's a little something for everyone.

And to that, I say, hallelujah and pass the chunky-heeled pumps!

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