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Flip Flops for Women

Top Picks for 2011


There's much debate over what defines a "flip flop" sandal. To me, a flip flop has always been a casual thong sandal that is free at the back, so that when one walks, they get a sort of "flip-flop" sound.

Whether you call them flip flops, thongs or beach shoes; these top picks in women's flip-flops will keep you comfortable and stylish all Spring and Summer.

FitFlop 'Rokkit' - Toning Flip-Flops for Women

Image: Zappos.com
I don't know about the claims that FitFlop flip flops actually give you a workout while you're wearing them, but I do know that they're hugely popular, and in this case, super-cute as well. The soft leather uppers are peppered with tiny rhinestones that give these flip-flops a shimmeringly feminine look, and the color choices are awesome: black, bronze, purple, navy and silver.

Priced at just under $100 per pair, these sandals, like others in the FitFlop line, are built with Microwobbleboard technology that is designed to increase the amount of time your leg muscles are engaged. Plus, they'd be really cute with shorts or a casual mini.

Sugar 'Floaties' - Adorable Women's Flip Flops

Image: Endless.com
Extremely fun, and too cute for words, these unique flip flops are made from man-made materials, and feature 1" heels and platforms (flatforms, if you will). They come in several cool color combinations, including black/white, pink/fuchsia and turquoise/yellow. But one of the best things about these spongy flip-flops is the price, which is less than $20 per pair.

Yellow Box Sandals - Rhinestone-Embellished 'P-Edna' Wedge Flip-Flops

Image: Zappos.com
Yellow Box flip flops are known for being cute, comfortable and affordable, and the "Super" is one of my favorite current styles. With 1.5" wedge heels and 1" platform soles, these adorable flip-flops come in metallic pewter or bronze, as well as in brown and black. The shimmering rhinestones and metallic studs on their straps make them ideal for adding a bit of bling to any of your casual summer outfits.

Kiss Me 'Oslo-7' - Ruffled Flip-Flops for Weddings and More

Image: Endless.com
The ruffled-embellished straps on these sandals would be cute anytime, but I can't help but think how ideal these thong sandals would be for any bride wanting to get married in casual flip-flops. Or, even just for the reception -- or as bridal party gifts. Whatever you want them for, they're super-sweet and, at less than $25 per pair, pretty affordable too. Available in white, pink, green, coral and black.

'Volatile Tanorama' - Cool Flip-Flops with Metallic Threads

Image: Endless.com
Perfect for women who like even their most casual sandals to be a little something different, these cool wedge flip flops come in brown, black and natural, and are made with a woven fabric that has thin metallic threads running through it. What's also really neat about these flip-flops is that they have a unique texture that will make them stand out in a crowd, even if they're only paired with jeans or shorts.

Gypsy Soule 'Jennie' - Flip Flop Sandals with Swarovski Crystals

Image: Zappos.com
If I were going to spend $300 on a pair of flip flops, these would definitely be the ones I'd pick. With 1.75" wedge heels and 1" platform soles, these blinged-out flip flops feature tons of crystal embellishments that are designed and handmade by women in Texas. They're truly unique and eye-catching -- especially in this shade of chocolate brown.

Sanuk Flip-Flops - 'Yoga Mat' Sandals

Image: Zappos.com
All Sanuk sandals and shoes are extremely popular, but I've never seen a pair with more great reviews than these simple 'Yoga Mat' sandals. Priced at $30 per pair, these classically-styled flip flops come in more than ten colors, and feature footbeds that incorporate actual yoga mat materials right into them.

Teva 'Mush Adapto' - Women's Popular Flip-Flops in Two Packs

Image: Zappos.com
Incredibly popular and reasonably-priced, these Teva sandals come in several pretty colors, and feature lots of skimpy straps bundled together at the toe. But the fun doesn't stop there; these flip-flops are sold in two-packs, and each set has two different colors, so you get twice the bang for your buck.

UGG Autralia 'Kayla' - Simple, Stylish Flip-Flops for Women

Image: Zappos.com
Sometimes you just want a pair of simple sandals that are as comfortable as your favorite flip-flops, but are still stylish enough to not look sloppy. If now is one of those times, check out the 'Kayla' from UGG Australia. Offered in loads of fashionable colors, these thong sandals have leather straps and leather-covered footbeds; and they cost $50 per pair.

Rocket 'Dog Puff' - Cute and Comfy Flip Flops

Image: Shoes.com
I'm always on about how comfortable Rocket Dog shoes are, but I can honestly say, these sandals look even more comfortable than the rest. The 'Puff' comes in three prints (black floral, white floral, or bright stripes), and features fleece covered footbeds and cotton straps. Priced at less than $30 per pair, these flip-flops would be great as slippers.

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