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Shoes - Brands, Designers and Styles Beginning with the Letter "B"

Here are a few of my top picks in brands, designers and shoe styles beginning with the letter "B."

Baby Phat Handbags and Purses
Baby Phat offers a variety of diva-worthy handbags, but every one of them is attention-grabbing, trendy and surprisingly affordable.

Baby Phat Shoes for Women
Baby Phat shoes are not for the timid, or anyone who doesn't want to be noticed -- but if you're up for a little attention, check out these Baby Phat shoes.

Bags for Men
The wise man now knows what women have known all along: carrying your stuff is good. From cell phones and laptops, to keys and wallets, let's face it, there's a lot to haul around, and your pockets are only so big. Perhaps that's why men's bags are finally gaining popularity, and now more than ever, there are so many stylish men's bags to choose...

Bass Shoes for Women
Classically-styled with enough edginess to keep them interesting -- after seeing these picks, you'll know why Bass shoes have been around for well over 100 years.

BCBG Shoes for Women
Check out these top picks in BCBG shoes to see for yourself why this label has taken the fashion world by storm.

Beaded Purses & Handbags
From artsy hard-shells to divinely elegant clutches, these beaded purses and handbags will shimmer and shine to your heart's content.

Ben Sherman Shoes for Men
Ben Sherman has been trendsetting for decades, so it comes as no surprise that this list is riddled with terribly hip footwear in every genre.

Betsey Johnson Shoes for Women
Betsey Johnson shoes are always fun, fabulous and full of personality -- and they're "must-sees" for fans of funky footwear.

Bettye Muller Shoes
Colorful and unique, Bettye Muller has a way of recapturing past eras while still staying on the cutting edge of what's hot.

Beverly Feldman Shoes for Women
Combining elements of romance, kitsch, whimsy and sex appeal, dive into the fun luxury of Beverly Feldman's creations with these top picks.

Birkenstock Shoes for Women
If you just think "brown sandals" when you think of Birkenstocks, think again. These top picks will help you see them in a whole new light.

Black Pumps for Women
If words like boring, basic, or bland are the only terms that come to mind when you think of black pumps, then you'll definitely want to have a look at these top picks in black pumps -- they're anything but blasé.

Boat Shoes for Women and Men
A casual style that both men and women enjoy wearing, this season brings about a bevy of boat shoes that are a little bit different in color or style.

Bohemian Shoes for Women
Bohemian shoes can vary from laid-back hippie to cosmopolitan chic, but they're always fun, and full of excitement.

Born Shoes for Men
Beloved by many, this brand takes craftsmanship to a whole new level, and their shoes are definitely among the most stylish casual shoes I've seen.

Bowling Shoes for Women
Whether you're already a great bowler, or still working on it, these shoes will have you looking fashionable on the lanes without costing you a fortune.

Bridal Shoes on a Budget
Bridal shoes don't have to cost a fortune to look fantastic. Here are several of my top choices at reasonable prices.

Bright Shoes - Shoes in Bright Colors for Women
Pink pumps, salmon sling-backs and fuchsia flip-flops all come together in this list of brightly colored footwear -- not for the color-shy.

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