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Teen Shoes - Top Picks

Find popular designers and brands of teen shoes with these top picks lists. Read about the latest styles in teen footwear, compare prices or buy direct.

Adidas Shoes for Boys and Men
Combining fashion, comfort, performance and price; Adidas shoes are a great choice in men's casual and athletic shoes, and the picks on this list are some of the coolest.

Adio Shoes for Boys and Men
With cutting-edge technology and killer style, Adio is the maker of some of the hottest skate shoes available -- but they're not just for skateboarding.

Baby Phat Handbags
Baby Phat offers a variety of diva-worthy handbags, but every one of them is attention-grabbing, trendy and surprisingly affordable.

Baby Phat Shoes for Girls and Women
Baby Phat shoes are not for the timid, or anyone who doesn't want to be noticed -- but if you're up for a little attention, check out these Baby Phat shoes.

Candies Shoes for Girls and Women
Candies shoes have been making waves in the ocean of footwear since the 1970s, and they offer a variety of styles that teens and adults will covet.

DC Shoes for Boys and Men
Within the skateboarding community, DC Shoes are known for their quality, technical features, and killer designs. But they're not just for skaters.

Diesel Shoes for Girls and Women
As is the case with all Diesel clothing and accessories, Diesel shoes are always the ultimate in cool.

Dr. Martens Boots and Shoes - Top Picks for Men
They're not just for rebels anymore, but rebels will still love them. Be sure to check out my top picks in Dr. Martens boots and shoes for guys.

Eco Shoes
Here are a few of today's biggest names in eco shoes, with more information about their practices and policies.

Flip-Flops for Boys and Men
On a hot summer day, there are few things better than slipping your feet into a great pair of thong sandals.

Homecoming Shoes for Girls and Women
The shoes on this list will make every girl feel like Homecoming Queen.

Miss Sixty Shoes for Girls and Women
Borrowing trends from the 1950s and 80s, Miss Sixty shoes are fun, fashionable, and always popular.

Mudd Shoes for Girls and Women
Trendy and youthful, Mudd makes a variety of styles in a reasonable price range.

Inexpensive Prom Shoes
If you need glamorous prom shoes, but don't have a lot to spend, don't worry: this list contains some of the top shoe stores and online shoe stores for inexpensive prom shoes.

Prom Shoes for Girls and Women
This year's top picks in prom shoes will help get you started towards finding the perfect shoes for the big night.

Puma Shoes for Boys and Men
Whether you're a sneaker fanatic, or just shopping for some new athletic shoes, you probably don't need me to tell you that Puma shoes are hot. But the styles on this list will confirm it for you.

Puma Sneakers for Girls and Women
I dare say I could pick forty pair of Puma and would still struggle with the elimination process. But I managed to narrow the list down to my few favorites.

Rocket Dog Shoes for Girls and Women
Rocket Dog has its finger on the pulse of what is cool -- or maybe they help define it -- whatever the case, they make trendy, cute and extremely comfortable shoes.

Skechers Shoes for Girls and Women
A favorite among teens, trend-setters and urbanites, Skechers offers a diverse selection of footwear ranging from sneakers to casual heels.

Vans Shoes for Boys and Men
From beach bums to skaters to people who just like cool shoes, Vans shoes appeal to the masses, and thus, their name has become legendary.

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