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Vegan and Vegetarian Shoes

Top Sites for Cruelty-Free Footwear


If you've ever tried to find non-leather footwear, you already know how difficult it can be. Fortunately, there are more options than ever in man-made materials for shoes. Thanks to the web, they're readily accessible.

The sites below carry vegan and vegetarian shoes, ranging from made-to-order styles to famous brands that offer vegetarian footwear.


Offering designer cruelty-free footwear, this site features some of the most amazing shoes I've ever seen. With styles suited to a variety of wardrobes and occasions, I'm particularly impressed with their boots, wedding shoes, and their luxury line: Sui Generis, which is made from gorgeous vintage fabrics. The shoes on this site are made to order, and can be shipped world-wide. Manufacturer's Site


Carries men's and women's vegetarian shoes and boots, including dress, casual and athletic styles - all with lots of urban flair and contemporary styling. This UK-based shop accepts online orders and also carries vegetarian jackets, belts and gloves. Vendor's Site


Based in Australia, VeganWares has a good selection of shoes, boots and sandals for men, women and toddlers. They also offer extremely cool wallets, and a couple of really nice-looking bags. But my favorite thing about this site is that they will make footwear made to order. Special widths, different colors and toe shapes, and even shoes modelled after your special style are available by contacting them. Manufacturer's Site


While Zappos.com is not devoted entirely to non-leather products, as the web's most popular shoe store, they have a huge selection, and were wise enough to include a guide for consumers seeking vegetarian footwear. Included are men's and women's casual, dress and athletic shoes. This is also nice because it helps to identify easily found brands that include vegetarian items among their product lines. Buy Direct

Moo Shoes

With loads vegan men's and women's footwear, Moo Shoes is based in New York City, and also offers online sales. In addition to all the cute and cool shoes, this vegan shop also sells cruelty-free bags, belts, wallets and cosmetics. Vendor's Site

Ethical Wares

Based in Wales, UK, Ethical Wares will ship worldwide, and not only sells vegan footwear, but also cruelty-free cool bags and other products. Vendor's Site

Vegan Chic

Lots of stuff here that I haven't seen elsewhere, including "ugg-style" boots, and some really pretty evening shoes. Also selling bags and a few cool belts, this site has a much selection for women than it does for men. Vendor's Site

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