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Popular Women's Dress Shoe Brands

The Hottest Labels and Why We Love Them


Popular Women's Dress Shoe Brands
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The following women's dress shoe brands consistently top the "most popular," "bestselling," and "most searched for" lists on most of the major online shoe sites.

When I looked for similarities in the the various brands to determine what made them so popular, I found that, generally-speaking, they all have the following attributes in common:

  • A variety of styles, including flats, heels, dress shoes, and casual shoes.
  • A mid-range price point. This is especially true if you throw out the most expensive brand on this list (Cole Haan), and the most affordable brands on the list (Michael Antonio).
  • A large selection of shoes, with a good mix of classic styles (basic mid-heeled pumps) and trendier styles (wedge heels, thick platform soles, etc.).

Cole Haan

One of the most pricey brands on the list, Cole Haan offers a variety of attractive flats and heels, most of which are versatile and classically styled.

But, without a doubt, one of the features that makes this brand so popular, despite it higher price point, is the fact that they're noted for being comfortable as well as stylish.

The comfort factor is due, in no small part, to the fact that many of the styles feature Nike Air Technology®. Because, let's face it, what woman could refuse a pair of pretty heels that feel like sneakers?

Visit ColeHaan.com for more information or to make a purchase.

Jessica Simpson

It might be a surprise for some of you to find Jessica Simpson's name on this list, considering the fact that, having launched in 2007, hers is one of the newer lines mentioned. And in that same time frame, several other celebrity shoe lines have come and gone.

But, if you've ever looked at the collection, its popularity actually makes perfect sense: there is something for just about everyone. Flats, dress heels, boots, and sandals all sit, side by side; all featuring the latest trends, and all at a price that many women are comfortable paying.

Another reason for the popularity of Jessica Simpson's footwear line must come down to Jessica herself, who is seemingly as popular with middle-aged women as she has been with teenaged girls.

For more information on Jessica Simpson shoes, you can visit the official Facebook page for the Jessica Simpson collection.

Michael Antonio

Michael Antonio shoes may not be as popular as some of the other names on this list -- in fact, you may not have even heard of them. But, if you pay attention, you'll see that this brand has managed to sneak its way onto the most popular lists without the benefit of celebrity names or huge advertising campaigns.

The reason behind the success of this line is simple: sexy, trendy styles (think sky-high heels and thick platform soles); and extremely reasonable prices ($50 to $60 for most styles). These factors make them ideal for anyone who wants or needs to be stylish on a budget.

Another thing that has made Michael Antonio a favorite among some women, is that they're surprisingly comfortable.

Of course, I can't speak for all the styles, or what all women will find comfortable. But I can tell you that I own a few pairs myself, and despite the fact that they have heels in excess of 4-inches, they're very comfortable, especially for the style.

I was surprised to discover this, considering that I paid less than $30 per pair for each of them.

Shop or learn more at MichaelAntonio.com.

Nine West

Nine West shoes are extremely popular due to the fact that they have a good range of sizes and styles; great designers; a reputation for being comfortable; and a good mix of trendy and classic designs -- all for a reasonable price. In other words, Nine West is the whole enchilada.

With most styles priced between $70 and $100 per pair, women can almost always find what they're looking for in the Nine West collection, whether it's a pair of basic black pumps, or shoes that feature the hottest trendy details. For example, if orange wedge sandals are in, Nine West is going to have them -- and they're likely to look great.

For more information, visit NineWest.com.

Steve Madden

Here's a brand whose popularity should come as no surprise to any shoe lover, since the Steve Madden collection is always full of each season's trendiest styles, offered at a price point that's right on par with other mainstream brands.

If you add his higher-priced "Steven by Steve Madden," and his youth-aimed, lower price collection "Madden Girl" into the mix, it's not hard to figure that Steve himself must be one incredibly wealthy man.

Another reason for the popularity of this brand is the fact that it brings high-end, runway and celebrity style to the masses.

If you've seen a pair of shoes on a model, only to be disappointed to find that the pair she's wearing would set you back a couple of thousand dollars, don't worry, those same trendy features are bound to be found somewhere in the Steve Madden line.

You can see the full line or purchase at SteveMadden.com.

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