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Funky Shoes - Top Makers and Designers

Shoes for the Unconventional Fashionista


funky shoes beverly feldman clear

Funky shoes like these gorgeous slides from Beverly Feldman are sure to get attention.

Image Courtesy of Zappos.com

Shoes come in all shapes, size and colors, but by and large, many of the shoes we wear go unnoticed. If you are the type who likes to stand out in a crowd, or loves things that are different, these designers and makers of funky shoes will more than likely appeal to your unique sensibilities.

Irregular Choice - Truly Original Shoes

When we're talking about Irregular Choice, we're not just talking about slightly funky shoes, we're talking about totally funky shoes. From lavishly embroidered slides to metallic pink ankle boots, adorned with plastic charms, if love an element of quirkiness, and don't mind a lot of attention - you'll love the funky shoes from Irregular Choice. (Buy Direct)

Beverly Feldman - Funk Meet Starlet Glam

While Beverly Feldman's shoes definitely offer the required amount funk to make this list, there is a glamorous Hollywood twist to her designs that makes them nearly irresistible to fashionistas, romantics and lovers of funky shoes. Whether it's a clear heel, crystal embellishments or rose patterned uppers, there is always something about a Beverly Feldman creation that makes it special. (Manufacturer's Site)

Rocket Dog - Funky Shoes and Boots

While Rocket Dog offers some basic shoes in simple, non-funky styles, they also make a good selection of funky shoes, several of which are cow-friendly. Sequin-covered thongs with thick foam heels, and shaggy pink boots made with man-made fur are just a few of the gems you'll find at the Rocket Dog site. (Manufacturer's Site)

Shoes and Handbags from Icon

Icon uses a unique process of heat transferring artistic images onto their leather goods. The result? Funky shoes and leather goods - ballet skimmers featuring Botticelli paintings, Gustav Klimt handbags - and other wearable works of art. (Manufacturer's Site)
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