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Shoe Clips

The Best Selections from Around the Web


Stunning red and black, feather and bow shoe clips on black high heeled pumps.

These gorgeous shoe clips from Chuletin Designs are surprisingly affordable, and can be clipped on the front or the vamps of shoes.

Image © Desirée Stimpert. Shoe clips courtesy of Chuletin Desings.

If you're looking for a great way to jazz up a simple pair of shoes, you can always clip on some drama. And, I do mean drama. This collection of shoe clips features some of the nicest styles I've ever seen.

Now, I know that some of you are thinking that shoe clips are merely for bridal parties and little old ladies who are stuck in the past. If that is your impression, then I urge you to check out some of the options below. Gone, are the days of tiny, uninspired bows; and pedestrian clusters of pearls with brass hardware. Today's selection includes elaborate, chic, and artistic creations -- pieces that are often as much art as a pair of designer shoes themselves.

Of course, designer shoes don't need shoe clips. But, they're ideal for taking all of those budget, basic, or even boring shoes to a whole new level.

From fancy crystal brooches for your shoes, to perfect bows, affordable rhinestones, or giant flowers, there are shoe clips for nearly every style of shoe, and every type of woman.

The best thing about shoe clips is that you can try them out with any shoes you like until you find winning combinations. But as a general rule, use more decorative clips on simpler shoes; and for more elaborate shoe styles, stick with simple clips, like solid-colored bows.

While most shoe clips will not mark your shoes, I suggest making sure the shoe clips are free of any dirt or oil before using them. Also, them out on your least expensive, or most expendable, shoes first. Just to be sure.

Below are a few places that carry shoe clips. You can also often find them at vintage shops, antique stores, rummage sales or on eBay.com. And, the best place for finding really original shoe clips is Etsy, where there are several artisans who have really taken them into new territory.

Stunning Bows and More from Chuletin Designs

As I've said numerous times before, I love shoes with bows. But, I'm also very particular about the bows themselves. I don't care for tiny string bows that look hand-tied. And, while I will sometimes go in for a really elaborate, oversized bow, I absolutely can't resist a perfectly-sized flat bow.

What constitutes a "perfectly-sized" may be subjective, but I don't think you'll care too much about the scale once you see the beauty of the tailored bows in Chuletin Designs' Etsy shop. They're absolutely stunning, and they're extremely reasonable at only $15 per pair. With clips like these, one could make all of their simple pumps and flats look like high-end, designer styles.

Beyond the flat vamp bows that I'm so clearly obsessed with, this shop also offers loads of other pretty shoe clip styles, including tulle clips, side clips, elaborate back bows with feathers, ostrich and peacock feather clips, and pretty satin flowers. Prices on the other styles range from about $20-$40. Shipping costs vary from country to country, but are also very reasonable. Visit Chuletin Designs

Breathtaking Floral Clips from Chloe AND Maddie

If you're a subtle soul who appreciates understated, minimalistic, and simple beauty, then you'll definitely want to skip this one. On the other hand, if you love vibrant explosions of floral goodness, there's another Etsy shop you won't want to miss when you've got shoe clips on your mind.

Chloe and Maddie offer elaborate clips that are like bouquets for your feet. Seriously. They're brimming with colorful blossoms and leaves. They're absolutely gorgeous. And, anyone who loves feminine, full-on romantic accessories will likely find the miniature arrangements absolutely irresistible. I know I do.

I'd love to link you to a favorite style, but I honestly couldn't choose one. There are far too many colors and styles to possibly single out just one. And, I haven't even mentioned the pretty headbands and jewelry.

Just go. Now. Have a good look around. Words can't do them justice. Visit Chloe and Maddie

Shoelery by Erica Giuliani - Clips, Chains, Heel Rings

This site has some of the coolest shoe clips around, including styles that you just won't find anywhere else, like rhinestone-dotted skulls, spikey bows, and pretty mod shapes. And some of the cutest, tidiest, bows I've ever seen.

But, the fun doesn't stop there. Erica also has plenty of other shoe accessories, like rhinestone heel rings, heel straps, and even argyle boot sleeves. If you're looking for something really cool, and really different, be sure to stop by. Go to EricGiuliani.com

Must-See Rosettes by Brydferth

Perfect for the romantic, the rosette shoe clips featured at Hailey Rose's Brydferth Etsy store are simply spectacular. They are available in a wide selection of colors, any of which could be used to add a feminine touch to flats, or turn those hard-looking heels into something soft and alluring.

The regular-sized roses run between $30 and $40 plus shipping, or you can pick up a tiny single rose for less than $15. While you're there, don't miss her other rosette accessories, like hair clips, headbands, and the irresistible rosette bracelets. Check out Brydferth

Huge Collection of Shoe Clips at Absolutely Audrey

Absolutely Audrey is like a shopping mall full of shoe clips. Rhinestones, florals, bows. In fact, it's pretty much the go-to site for your basic shoe clip needs -- and, they've been around since this article was first published, nearly a decade ago.

In addition to having a great selection of pretty and affordable clips, I also really appreciate that each design is shown on a pair of shoes. That really helps imagine them on your own shoes, and get an idea of the scale, etc. I also like reading the reviews. It's great when you can get feedback from someone who's already tried something. Visit AbsolutelyAudrey.com
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