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Vintage Shoes

Where to Shop Online


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Of course, as with all things old or used, the "Vintage Shoes" category on eBay is one of the best sources for vintage shoes. But if you don't want to get into a bidding war, or can't find what you're looking for, here are some other top sites for vintage shoes.

Etsy.com - A Plethora of Vintage Shoes

With thousands of sellers and tens of thousands of vintage shoes, Etsy.com is easily a must-stop for anyone looking for vintage footwear. The link above will take you straight to shoes listed in the "vintage" category, but there are so many that once you get there, you'll probably want to narrow down your search by size, style or brand -- although I have to admit, just diving in and looking at everything available is pretty irresistible.

AVintageSole.com : Fabulous, UNWORN Vintage Shoes for Women

I'm so crazy about this vintage shoe site, I actually wrote an entire piece about them here. If you want to get straight to the goods be sure to visit AVintageSole.com, but first, let me just say that the reason I was so excited about this site is because they feature loads of vintage women's shoes in MINT condition. You read that right, these fabulous shoes from the 1900s have never been worn. And they have a great selection of styles, sizes and widths.

1860-1960 - A Great Source for Vintage Shoes

1860-1960 has a great selection of vintage shoes, as well as hats, clothing and other accessories. Particularly good for children's shoes and very old women's shoes.


In addition to having tons of vintage clothing and accessories for women and men, this is a great destination for vintage shoes, and their prices are very reasonable. VintageVixen.com is also home to a very informative Vintage Shoe Buying Guide. Be sure to check it out for some great tips.

Victorian Elegance - Victorian Era Shoes & Boots

This site has some very good prices and some very nice styles of vintage shoes and boots. In keeping with the theme of their site, most of the shoes here are from the victorian era, and they also sometimes have vintage shoe clips for sale.

Aesthetically Vintage - Shoes from Several Eras

Offering one of the largest selections of vintage women's shoes, Aesthetically Vintage carries platforms, stilettos, pumps and disco shoes from the 1930s to the 1980s. A "must-stop" for vintage shoes.

Bobby Dene's Vintage Clothes & Shoes

Another great site with a large selection that spans decades. Bobby Dene's carries a wide array of shoes from the past that usually includes lots of very ornate boots and shoes.

Vintage Designer Footwear

Since most of the shoes on this site don't have circulation years, many of the shoes (and there are lots) may not actually be old enough to have earned the title of "vintage." Never the less, there are tons of great designer women's and men's shoes at great prices on this site, and they are sorted by size.

Bonnie's Treasures - Stunning Collection of Vintage Shoes

Bonnie's Treasures has a good selection of stunning women's shoes. Though many of them are from the 1990s, there are still a good number of shoes from previous eras, and all of them are beautiful. Bonnie's Treasures also has some of the best prices on these finds.

Vintage Athletic Shoes

Selling only new old stock (and some new shoes), if it's vintage sneakers or basketball shoes you're after, InStyleShoes is the site for you. Plus, if you have old sneakers you've never worn, this site also allows you the opportunity to sell your old Nike or Air Jordans through their consignment program.

Re-Mix: Reproduction & Unworn Vintage Shoes

If you love the look of vintage shoes, but don't like the idea that others have worn them first, you can try Re-Mix. They not only carry actual vintage shoes that have never been worn, but they have an increasing line of vintage reproduction shoes like 40s platforms and men's wingtips.

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