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Fall Boot Trends 2011


Update: Looking for latest trends and styles? Check out this article on the hottest trends in women's fall shoes for 2013.

Just like classic women's pumps, there are certain women's boot styles that never go out of fashion. They're easy to wear with a variety of outfits, and, assuming they're well-made, they should serve you for years to come.

But, if you're looking for something a little more exciting, you can opt for boots that are a bit trendier -- and, as long as you don't go overboard, they should still last you a while.

Whether you're just looking for a slight update or you want to go trendy-boot mad, you'll want to have a look at these top trends in women's fall boots for 2011.

Wedge Heel Boots for Fall

Black Rooster 'Morgan' Image: Zappos.com
Not surprisingly after the summer of wedge heels, the trend has made its way onto our fall boots as well.

In addition to offering a flattering and streamlined look, a lot of women will find that boots with wedge heels are much easier to wear than their stiletto-heeled counterparts. But even with those features, wedge heeled boots wouldn't be a good buy if you knew they were going to look dated next year. The nice thing is that, even though wedge heels do go on and off the "hot" list somewhat frequently, some styles can be worn whether wedges are trending or not.

If you love your wedges and want to get as much wear out of them as you possibly can, it would pay to skip other super-trendy features, and instead opt for a pair of classic, streamlined boots with simple wedge heels.

Fall Boots with Chunky Heels

Joe's Jeans 'Grant' Image: Zappos.com
As a woman who loves heels, but doesn't really do well in ultra-high stilettos, I'm thrilled to report that we'll be seeing lots of chunky-heeled shoes and boots for the fall of 2011.

Though they're a regular part of my own wardrobe, shoes with chunky high heels aren't perfect: they tend to look more casual than skinnier heels, and they have a much heavier look (and feel) than stilettos. But those things aren't necessarily true when it comes to boots with chunky heels. Because boot shafts extend above the ankle, they help to balance out the heft of a thick heel better than some shoe styles will. And when it comes to casual boot styles -- like those you might wear with jeans -- chunky heels always look good.

Women's Platform Boots

Vince Camuto 'Baileys' Image: Endless.com
Thick platform soles used to come and go at about the same frequency as wedge heels, but they've been popular for so many years running, at this stage, it would be impossible to continue calling them a "trend." However, I'm still putting them on this list of boot trends for 2011, because they're so omnipresent that not listing them would seem like a disservice.

One of the reason platform soles are so hot on boots this year, is because they work so well with some of the season's top heel trends, like wedges and chunky high heels.

If you want a look that will last a bit longer, look for boots where the platform sole is hidden beneath the upper. If you want extreme, look for super-thick, exposed platforms.

Hiking Booties and Ankle Boots

Seychelles 'Biography' Image: Endless.com
One of the biggest boot trends for fall 2011, is booties and ankle boots that have been heavily-influenced by hiking boots. But don't think totally masculine, since these details are as prevalent on heeled boots as they are on flats.

These boots generally feature laces on the front (although sometimes it's merely decorative), and often include d-ring lacing, as well as additional hardware, and accents like ankle ties or straps.

Hiking-inspired booties and jeans are a match made in heaven, but this particular style of boot also looks really cute with shorter skirts and tights. If you really want to go nuts, you can add thick, scrunchy socks into the mix.

Women's Chukka Boots with Heels

Betsey Johnson 'Ryaan' Image: Heels.com
Though they're generally more popular among men, chukka boots for women are always available -- but this year, they're an especially trendy choice. That's because women's chukka boots have been given a bit of a feminine makeover for 2011, and are now available with a variety of high heel styles.

I've seen so many wedge boots with chukka styling, and I have to admit, they're really cute -- especially when paired with tights and skirts, or with skinny jeans and a sweater.

If you love chukka boots but don't want the added height, don't worry, classic flat styles are still available, and are actually a great choice this season.

Other Fall Boot Trends for 2011

Matisse 'Arctic' Image: Shoes.com
Other trends and mini-trends include:
  • boots that take their inspiration from biker and western styles
  • any style of boots with laces, buckles or ties
  • covered wedge heels
  • and shearling and faux fur accents.
But remember, boots don't have to be trendy -- any classic style that's comfortable and works well with your clothing will have an impact.

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