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Women's Slippers

Top Picks for 2012


If you think slippers for women are just a boring practicality, then you simply haven't been looking at the right slippers. Below are a few styles in women's slippers that are as cute as they are functional.

Old Friend Sheepskin Scuff Slippers for Women

Image: Zappos.com
One of the most popular styles in women's slippers is sheepskin scuff slippers. This particular pair is less pricey than some brands, but has received loads of great reviews from people who've tried them. They come in several great colors, including pink, blue, chestnut, charcoal, navy, and red -- the latter of which is fairly rare in this style.

One thing to note is that the sole on these slippers is firm, so that they can be worn outside as well as indoors. This is a plus for a lot of people, but if you're looking for a softer, more flexible, "indoor only" sole, then these may not be the ones for you.

Women's Cute Bootie Slippers from Nordstrom.com

Image: Nordstrom.com
Available in black, gray and brown, these fluffy, faux fur bootie slippers have faux shearling lining, and are simply too cute for words. They'll be on their way to my house as soon as I finish writing this, so I can't comment on their comfort yet, but I was willing to take a chance once I saw the amount of fluff and the reasonable price. At under $40 per pair, I added some to my virtual shopping bag quicker than you could say "warm feet."

'Rylan' - Women's Cute and Cozy Slippers from UGG Australia

Image: TheWalkingCompany.com
If you're the kind of woman who is casual enough to actually be tempted to run errands in her slippers, then you'll definitely want to have a look at these cute and cozy slippers from UGG Australia. I know, because I'm one of those types of women too.

Featuring indoor/outdoor soles, and styled like a cross between booties and sneakers, these slippers have exposed sheepskin collars, and fleece linings. Available in a wide selection of colors, ranging from baby pink to black, these durable slippers ring up at just under $100.

Acorn 'New Spa' Flip-Flop Slippers

Image: Endless.com
If soft and casual is what you're after, have a look at the "New Spa" flip-flop slippers from Acorn. These slippers are perfect for women want a soft slipper to wear around the house, but prefer a thong style.

Giesswein 'Ammern Classic' - Cute Women's Slippers

Image: Zappos.com
As cute as they are practical, these women's slippers feature soft wool uppers that wick moisture away from your feet, and slip- and water-resistant, flexible outsoles. The purple version shown here is really inviting, but if you want slippers with a bit less "pop," then check these out in light gray, dark gray, or navy.

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