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2012 Fall Boot Trends for Women


I love fall fashion. The coats, the sweaters, the hats and scarves... but, for me, the most exciting thing about fall is, easily, the boots. And, while I generally recommend shopping for styles that are fairly classic, it's always fun to look at the latest trends.

But, what's particularly nice about the hottest trends in women's fall boots for 2012 is that they're not terribly extreme -- which means you can get all trendy, without feeling as though your new boots will look outdated next season, or even next year.

Below I've highlighted a few of the season's top trends in women's boots.

Flat Ankle Boots and Booties for Women

Image: Endless.com
Low- and flat-heeled ankle boots and booties are easily among the top women's boot trends for 2012. Drawing their inspiration from Chelsea boots and Beatle boots, these styles are slim, trim, unadorned, and perfectly suited to jeans and pants.

Boots like these are a great example of how this year's top trends really aren't that "trendy" at all, as a pair of simple boots like these could be worn anytime you want a casual look, that's stylish instead of sloppy.

Women's Tall Flat Boots for 2012

Image: Zappos.com
While the season's big news in flats is the ankle boots and booties mentioned above, I also wanted to make note of the fact that tall boots with flat and low heels are also rising in popularity. This is great news for all of the women who've grown weary with the ever-increasing height of heels, as well as for anyone who wants a way to look polished while still feeling comfortable.

When it comes to tall, flat boots, I tend to prefer the simpler styles as they're as easy to pair with skirts and dresses as they are with jeans and leggings.

Hot Trend for 2012 : Women's Boots with Chunky Heels

Image: Zappos.com
If it's trendy you're after, but you still want a pair of boots with high heels, you can't go wrong choosing a pair of chunky-heeled boots for fall 2012.

Nearly always more comfortable than their stiletto-heeled counterparts, chunky heels are cropping up on dressy and casual styles; and they can be found on booties, ankle, mid-calf, and knee-high boots. While chunky heels are a little more come-and-go than some of the other trends on this list, they're not so "out there" that you couldn't wear them even when they're not trending. If you want to insure that you can wear your chunky-heeled boots well into the future, look for styles that are otherwise simple and classic in design.

Looking for Trendy Boots? It's all in the Details

Image: Endless.com
One of the things that makes me most happy about 2012's selection of boots is the fact that there is a lot of attention on little details rather than it being about wholesale style changes.

For example, glitter, sequins, reptile-prints, and animal prints have all been liberally applied to otherwise timeless styles, making this season's boots more lasting than most we've seen in recent years.

Don't want to wear heels, but looking for something different? Try a pair of leopard print ankle boots.

Love chunky heels, but need something that's a little on the dressy side? Not a problem, you can pick up a pair of chunky-heeled boots with glitter accents.

In addition to the fact that this allows women to give a bit more insight into their personalities without having to risk their comfort to do so, these details also tend to make shoe shopping a bit more fun, since there's a little something for everyone to get excited about.

Boot Mini-Trends for 2012 : Fringe, Western & Motorcycle Styles

Image: Zappos.com
You'll be seeing a fair amount of fringe this fall, and you'll be seeing even more boots with western styling; as well as boots with edgy, motorcycle- or rocker-inspired details.

I refer to these elements as mini-trends, because -- for me -- they're not really anything to get too excited about. Trends of this nature tend to come and go every two to three years, and they're great if they fit into your lifestyle and wardrobe, but I wouldn't skip a car payment just to buy into the trend.

What is nice about this type of fashion cycle, is that it provides a great opportunity for some women to score styles that actually are reflective of their style.

For example, I nearly always wear flat dress boots whether they're "in" or not -- I'm happy that they're hot this year, because I'll be able to stock up on them, which will see me through those years when they're not so trendy.

So if you're a cowgirl, a bad girl, or an earth mother through and through, then this season you're going to be able to find lots of boots that will work with your wardrobe.

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