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Women's Shoes

This complete guide to women's shoes includes the best shopping, fashion advice, tips, reviews, size charts and all of the latest trends in shoes for women.
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10 Essential Shoes Every Woman Should Have
Looking for a list of the basics? Here it is, complete with the ten most important shoe styles for most women.

Spring Shoes Preview
Mules, gladiators, and d'Orsays are among the season's hottest trends. Check out all the details with this sneak peek.

2013 Fall Shoes Preview
Get your fall mojo on with this sneak peek at what's in store for our feet this autumn.

Top Spring Shoe Trends 2012
Wondering what we'll be wearing on our feet this spring? Be sure to have a look at these top picks in women's shoe trends for spring 2012.

Shoes Under $20
Loads of new, stylish shoes that cost less than $20 per pair.

Spring Shoes for Women 2012
Whether you're looking for shoes that feature one 2012's hottest trends, or you prefer a more classic style, you'll surely find something to love among these top picks in spring shoes for women.

Can't Wear Heels?
Check out these stylish options in flat shoes, boots and sandals for women who can't wear heels, as well as for those who just don't care for them.

Spring Shoes 2011
This guide to 2011 spring shoes includes all of the hottest styles and latest trends in women's, men's and kids' shoes.

Peep Toe Flats
If you can't or don't wear heels, and you need a pair of dress shoes, peep toe flat are definitely one of the first styles you should consider. This article contains loads of tips on how to choose the perfect pair of dress flats with peep toes.

Red Pumps
Red pumps are one of the most dynamic items a woman can have in her wardrobe, and they're more versatile than you might think. For help choosing your perfect pair, be sure to check out these tips on choosing red pumps.

Spring Boots and Booties
Spring booties and boots have become increasingly popular over the last several years, and this year, there are loads of boots, booties and ankle boots that are ideal for wearing with all your warm-weather fashions. Check out these top picks in women's spring boots for 2011.

Shoes and Clothing: How to Select the Right Shoes for Your Clothing
If choosing shoes to match your clothing causes you stress and lands you in a pair of black pumps every day, then you'll love this helpful guide on how to choose the right shoes for your clothing.

Six Secrets for Finding Comfortable Shoes
You don't have to suffer with painful shoes -- there are a slew of options out there to make your footwear more comfortable. Check out these tips for more information.

5 Things to Love about Heels (and a Few Things to Hate)
If you've got strong opinions on high heels, then you'll appreciate this article, which explores both sides of the issue that's been dividing women for decades.

Women's Pumps
Women's pumps range from conservative to sexy, and the right pair of pumps is one of the most versatile items you can have in your closet. But just because they're a footwear staple doesn't mean they have to be boring. Here are a few of my favorite women's pumps of the season.

Ladies Shoes
Ladies shoes are as varied as the ladies who wear them, and navigating your way through the world of ladies footwear can be both exhilarating and intimidating. Consider this your travel guide.

What Shoes are in Style for Women?
Here are all the details on the hottest women's shoe styles of the moment. If you're a live in the moment kind of woman, you're going to love this one.

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