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The Best Shoes for Long Skirts and Dresses

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Shoes for Long Skirts

Shoes for Long Skirts

Image courtesy of Newport-News.com
While there's no doubt that short skirts are sexy, long skirts can be sexy and so much more: romantic, polished, classic, laid-back, or even powerful. But whatever look you're trying to pull together, pairing the wrong shoes with a long skirt can blow the whole effect.

Fortunately, the shoe rules for long skirts are much simpler than you might think. In fact, it's really just a balancing act.

Longer skirts and dresses cover the majority of your body. To create a look that is flowing rather than broken or unbalanced, your footwear will need to accomplish one of the following three things:
  1. Visually become a part of the skirt.
    Think of tall boots that are covered by the hemline of the skirt

  2. Add length or height beneath the hemline of the skirt, so that the skirt will seem shorter, or your legs will seem longer.
    High heels that show a lot of skin work well for this.

  3. Work with the lines of the skirt to create a look that is balanced.
    For example, a chunky wedge heel will work with a fuller skirt, but might be too clunky for a long fitted skirt.
For a closer look at which shoe styles will work best with long skirts and dresses, check out the rest of the photo gallery. See Also: Pictured: Sheer Tiered Skirt from Newport-News.com.
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