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How to Wear Tights with Different Styles of Shoes and Boots


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Tights with High Heel Shoes: How to Wear

Actors Owen Wilson (L) and Jennifer Aniston (R) attend the Paris photocall for Marley & Me at the Hotel Bristol. February 26, 2009 - Paris, France

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
Wearing dark tights with just a bit of shimmer, Jennifer Aniston has pulled together a look that's feminine, breezy, and perfect for day-to-evening wear. But my favorite thing about this look is that she's finished off her outfit with gray shoes, whereas most women wear black shoes with tights. The fact that they're gorgeous Christian Louboutin t-straps doesn't hurt her case any either.

As a general rule, tights look best with shoes that are the same color or darker, but you should always try a specific combination before ruling it out based on any preconceived notions.

In Jennifer's case, the tights are a nearly perfect match, and the fact that they're so close -- and that they go so well with her dress -- makes this a winning combination, despite the fact that they are a tad darker than her shoes. Next: Tights with Mary Jane Shoes

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