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2010 Evening Shoes Photo Gallery


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Wide-Widths: 2010 Evening Shoes Photo Gallery
Low heeled black slingback shoes with open toes and silver vamp brooches.

Vaneli evening shoes in regular, narrow and wide widths.

Image: Zappos.com

Vaneli 'Dorika'

I hear from more women looking for wide evening shoes than I do just about any other group. One of the reasons is because they want pretty evening shoes... and unfortunately, those can be more difficult to find.

But when I first saw these elegant slingbacks, I couldn't take my eyes off of them -- and that was before I knew they came in narrow, extra narrow, wide and regular widths. Of course, I love the rectangular, rhinestone-covered embellishment, but what's really striking about these shoes is that they'd work with just about any evening outfit, and they're not at all trendy, so they won't go out of style.

The uppers are made from black fabric, and the heels on these shoes are very wearable, at only 2 inches high.

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