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Booties for Women

Top Picks for Fall 2013


Landing somewhere between shoes and boots, booties are hot again this season, and the styles available range from sleek and chic styles, to edgy and trendy. Below are a few of my favorite styles.

If you're looking for boots that are a little bit taller, be sure to have a look at my top picks in ankle boots for women.

Stylish Booties for Women - Kate Spade New York 'Netta'

Grey, suede booties with gold-lined 3.5 inch heels, and neat and tiny back bows.
Image: Zappos.com
The definitive example of versatile booties, these pretty boots from Kate Spade come in three colors. It would be impossible to choose a favorite.

There's the gray version, shown here. I love this shade because it's unexpected. Also, it's a bit softer than black, but still extremely versatile. The brown version is like deep, dark, sweet chocolate. If your wardrobe is heavy on earth-tones, then you won't want to miss these beauties. Then there's the black. What is there to say, other than the fact that they're absolutely beautiful, and of course, they're undoubtedly the most versatile of the three.

If you can narrow it down to a favorite, know this, these booties would work well with everything from jeans or dress pants to maxi skirts and dresses. And, thanks to their tiny back bows and 3.5 inch, gold-lined heels, they're not short on interest or sex appeal either. They'd be a great choice for anyone looking for versatile and sophisticated booties. (Buy Direct)

Calvin Klein Jeans 'Daisy' - Casual, Western and Perfect for Jeans

Brown booties with worn suede uppers, wrap-around belts, stud and ring detailing and stacked heels.
Image: Zappos.com
Over the last couple of years, the trend has been to pair booties with shorter skirts and dresses, which is fine, assuming it all comes together well. But don't forget that booties are a natural with jeans, especially when they're as casual and cute as these short boots from Calvin Klein Jeans.

Playing perfectly into this season's western trend, these booties feature suede uppers; studded, wrap-around belts with harness-rings; and chunky stacked heels that are 3.25" high. Offered in brown and black, these pull-on boots have slightly-distressed uppers for that well-loved, worn-in look.

But, I think my favorite things about these cute boots is the fact that, even though they have western styling, their tops are cut straight around. It makes them look a little less cowboy-ish, and just a bit more dressy. Still casual, but not quite as themed. In fact, if they had side zippers, I'd probably already be wearing a pair. But, as all of us women with really high arches know, pull-on styles aren't always kind to us. (Buy Direct)

Born Crown 'Jeda' - Cute Booties with Wedge Heels

Sand-colored booties with suede uppers, covered wedge heels, and dual side goring.
Image: Shoebuy.com
Here's another pair of casual booties, but this style would work for nearly any woman, not just those who are looking for a western vibe.

Thanks to their almond-shaped toes, and simple, unadorned uppers, their style is classic enough that they could be worn for years to come -- even when wedges aren't trending. But the fact that they do have 3.75" wedge heels means that they're on-trend for the season, and of course, have that added benefit of stability that so many women love.

With streamlined uppers and sculpted, covered heels, these stylish booties look stunning with black vegetable-tanned leather or sand suede uppers. Either version would look great with jeans or pants, and could also work well with casual skirts and dresses, although I would prefer them with tights rather with bare legs, given the fact that they'll hit right at or below the ankles.

As an added bonus, these booties will be friendlier to ladies with high arches than other pull-on styles because they have goring on both sides. Still not quite as easy to get into as zippered boots, but those stretchy panels will help everyone get a more customized fit. (Buy Direct)

Marvin K 'Mani' - Luxurious in Velvet

Gray booties with embossed velvet uppers and 3.5 inch covered wedge heels.
Image: Nordstrom.com
If you're looking for something a little different and ultra-glamorous you may want to have a look at these wow-worthy booties from Marvin K. Featuring back zippers and 3.5" heels, these sexy gray booties would be ideal for pairing with your favorite little cocktail dress or evening suit. And, thanks to their sculptured wedge heels and embossed suede uppers, they're certain to turn heads.

They're actually tall enough to classify as ankle boots, but I couldn't let a little technicality like that keep them off the list. I was sure you wouldn't mind. Alas, as I'm sure you can tell by the label and the picture, designer boots like these don't come cheap -- they're priced at $550 per pair. Fortunately for me, drooling over them didn't cost a dime. (Buy Direct)

Pretty Dress Booties - Nine West 'Brettly'

Black booties with suede uppers, and smooth leather backs and straps. 4.5-inch stiletto heels.
Image: NineWest.com
If you're looking for a pair of simple dress booties, these Nine West heels would be tough to beat for sex appeal or versatility. And despite the fact that they play nicely with this season's top fashion trends, their style is simple enough to see you through several seasons of wear.

I'm crazy about the basic black version of these booties, because their uppers combine classic suede and smooth leather, and they're simply as versatile as they come. But the other four versions are just as dynamic: green suede with brown leather; gray ponyhair; black ponyhair; and brown suede with brown leather.

With 4.5" wrapped heels, these booties would work well with a variety of outfits, including skinny jeans, maxis, and shorter skirts and dresses. (Buy Direct)

Nina 'Aurora' - Rhinestone and Glitter for Evenings

Gunmetal fabric booties with pointy toes, glittered heels and rhinestone embellishments on back.
Image: Zappos.com
Booties aren't just for daytime anymore -- check out these glamorous, shimmery evening booties from Nina. While they won't be everyone's cup of tea, they're certain to please those among us who have a love affair with sparkly things. And, I should note that I'm showing the most dynamic of the three colors here so you can really get a good feel for just how shimmery these booties are.

But, if this model is a bit too much for you, you may still want to have a closer look. The black and platino versions are far more subtle than this gunmetal shade, because the color of their glitter and rhinestone embellishments don't contrast quite as much with the fabric of their uppers.

Featuring back zippers, pointy toes, and 3.75" heels, these lookers ring up at just under $110 per pair. And, while you cou could certainly pair these heeled booties with a cocktail dress and tights, I'd also love to see them with a nice, simple evening suit. (Buy Direct)

Vince Camuto 'Elvin' - Simple and Sexy

Sexy, high heel booties with .75 inch platform soles, 4.25 inch heels, and red suede uppers.
Image: Zappos.com
If you're looking for a pair of simple booties, these Vince Camuto heels would be tough to beat for sex appeal or versatility. And despite the fact that they play nicely with this season's top fashion trends, their style is simple enough to see you through several seasons of wear.

I'm crazy about the red suede version of these booties, because... well, because they're red suede. They don't really need to be much more than that. But, assuming, you're not as obsessed with that color or finish, you're still in luck, because these lovely boots also come in smooth black, matte caramel, olive suede, and a pretty leopard print.

Their .75" platform soles will help offset their 4.25" stiletto heels a bit, but make no mistake, these heels are still high. Fortunately, the customer reviews that have come in so far indicate that they're pretty comfortable despite their height. So, if you can handle heels like these, then you're on to a winner. They'd look great with everything from heels to shorter dresses. And, their price of $130 isn't the worst I've seen either. (Buy Direct)

Jeffrey Campbell 'Tish' - Cool and Unusual Booties

Ankle booties with black suede uppers, and a unique beaded finish.
Image: Nordstrom.com
And if all of the above booties are just a wee bit too pedestrian for you, then allow me to introduce you to the 'Tish' from Jeffrey Campbell. With enough funky styling to keep even the most eccentric among us happy, these suede booties have cool, 3.5" demi-wedge heels. But, for me, it's the textured suede uppers that really make these booties stand out in a crowd.

Complete with full side zippers, these boots would add a heaping helping of personality to your favorite skirt or jeans. (Buy Direct)

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