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This is the place to share photos of your favorite shoes, tell us about your favorite shoe styles and brands, or share tips and tricks with other shoe lovers.

The Best Deal I Ever Got on a Pair of Shoes was ...
Everybody loves scoring a good deal on a pair of killer shoes. What's the best deal you ever got? Share your story, as well as your shoe shopping tricks and tips here.

Worst Shoe Trends
Is it Crocs that do your head in, or is it platforms you despise? Tell us your least favorite shoe trends, and see what others had to say about the matter.

The Most Comfortable Shoes Ever
Everyone could use more comfortable shoes, right? In this article our readers share their own favorite brands. You can either take tips from them, or add your own thoughts.

Shoes in the House?
Who knew this would be one of the most hotly-debated shoe topics? What are your feelings on wearing shoes in the house? Share your house shoe rules, and check out the opinions of others.

High Heeled Shoes - The Best Things about High Heeled Shoes
High heeled shoes are an absolute obsession with a lot of people, but there's also a whole legion of people who just don't seem to understand that passion for heels. Readers respond to those who don't get it, by sharing what they love about high heeled shoes.

Used Shoes - How Do You Feel About Wearing Used Shoes?
The thought of wearing used shoes may be disgusting to some, but to others, discovering the perfect pair of vintage shoes is tantamount to finding the Holy Grail. How do you feel about wearing used shoes? Share your thoughts on the topic, and see how others have responded.

Organized Shoes - How do You Organize Your Shoes?
How do you organize your shoes? Are they arranged neatly in stylish shoe boxes, or are they in a heap under your bed? Share your thoughts and get ideas from others.

Why do Women Love Shoes?
Why do women love shoes? I'll let these women spell it all out for you.

Sexiest Shoes - Who Makes the Sexiest Shoes?
Who makes the sexiest shoes? Share your thoughts and find out what others had to say about sexy shoe brands and designers.

Special Shoes - Show Off Your Special Shoes
Whether they're the shoes your grandmother wore on here wedding day, a new pair of designer pumps or an old pair worn-out sneakers, it seems like everyone has a favorite pair of shoes. Here's a chance to show off your shoes, and have a look at some of the special shoes submitted by others.

Your Favorite Shoes
Are you keen for Keen shoes? Is it Dansko shoes that make your heart dance? Or do you choose Jimmy Choos? It's your turn to tell the world about your favorite shoe designers and brands, and check out what others have to say.

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