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Readers Respond: Which Brands Make the Warmest Winter Boots

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From the article: 2010 Winter Boots
When the thermometer is registering single digits and there's a foot of snow on the ground, there's only one question on everyone's mind: which brands make the warmest winter boots?

Below are some reader recommendations.

Not boots but mukluks

Sorry, not a fan of Sorels. Your best shot for truly warm winter footgear comes from Steger Mukluks. I have pernio/chilblains (venous damage in my toes) and need to be very careful with the cold. My Stegers work for me. But part of the system has to be good socks, too--preferably merino wool. NO COTTON IN WINTER. I also have an old pair of Vasque hiking boots that are great in the cold, but not made anymore.
—Guest D. R.

The warmest winter boots

The mukluk chimo, worn by the Canadian armed forces are the warmest boots ever.

Boots with Heaters

They're not the cutest boots ever, but Columbia makes a model called Bugathermo that has heaters built into them. When it's 10 degrees outside, you don't really care how good you look anyway. It's all about staying warm.

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