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Readers Respond: Your Most Comfortable Shoes Ever

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From the article: Comfort Shoes
What are the most comfortable shoes you've ever owned? Is there a brand you turn to again and again? Share your thoughts on comfort shoes, and read what others had to say. Share Your Thoughts


I love my kuru shoes! I had no idea that there were sneakers that could be so comfortable. Sure you can only order them online, but it is totally worth it. They are pretty cute too. Honestly though, they have changed my life.

La Canadienne

Since I discovered this brand, 80% of the shoes I that own are La Canadienne. I introduced it to my friends, they love it too. They are not only comfortable shoes, they are durable too.
—Guest Lan Nguyen

Easy Spirit Rip-Tide

These are pure comfort. I have a wide foot and rarely find comfy shoes. These are, FOR REAL!
—Guest judy hall

Deer Stag

are the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on for the price. I am a diabetic and I could walk in the shoes all day. 60 dollars you cannot be the price.
—Guest keith luke

So far so good

For sport I will choose Nike, but for casual dress Hush Puppies.
—Guest Carl

Finns Mules

I got a pair after having some back and heel issues and spending quite a bit on a couple of pairs of danskos which didnt seem to help. The Finns I bought are called the "assuee" and are dressy enough for work and comfortable enough to walk in all day. I have some less expensive shoes which are fine for a few hours but for all day I prefer my Finns. I also will be trying the Sanita's as I do wear clogs/mules and hear good things about these shoes.
—Guest jeanne keen

Nike.. Lover

They have designs that fit your needs, light weight.
—Guest Queeni

Doc Martens

Take a while to break in but after that they are the comfiest shoes ever and last for years with little or no rubbing and look great too!
—Guest Hygfgfcgh


Skechers are so comfortable. I have heaps of different styles. Runners and the new 'go walk' ones I wear all the time! They are sporty looking and colorful too :)
—Guest Tessa

Nike Roshe Runs

They feel like socks. They are really light and the mesh upper gives you that barefoot feel.
—Guest Angell


SAS shoes are the best shoe I have ever had. I have had shoes that cost hundreds of dollars they could not come close to SAS shoes for comfort.
—Guest Don


These serve me well. Believe or not I got them at a thrift store.
—Guest Frank


I had a problem with my foot that wearing my Brooks tennis shoes did not completely fix. The Dansko professional clogs are the BEST shoes I have ever had for being on your feet all day or walking and they fixed my foot problem. Expensive but worth it.
—Guest Becca


For those who can afford it - leather shoes, hand-made (or semi hand made) in France and Portugal. Leather lining and insole, natural rubber sole. Not dress shoes - they are shoes to serve your feet, not the other way around. Between all members of my family, we own at least 20 pairs of these - purchased mostly on ebay, used. Cannot afford new ones.
—Guest Joanna


I was introduced to Oofos @ the Yoga Journal Conference in Estes Park CO last fall... LOVE them... super comfy and SUPPORTIVE, trust me... I'm on my feet all day as a massage therapist... I feel like I'm walking on a cloud! Lightweight, fun colors, and washable... you gotta try em!
—Guest Ronda

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Your Most Comfortable Shoes Ever

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