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Readers Respond: Your Most Comfortable Shoes Ever

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From the article: Comfort Shoes
What are the most comfortable shoes you've ever owned? Is there a brand you turn to again and again? Share your thoughts on comfort shoes, and read what others had to say.

Shoes that I made for myself

I made a pair of shoe lasts this summer, then made myself a pair of shoes on the lasts. Amazing. No need for all those cushy insoles if the shoe fits right in the first place!
—Guest kim

Comfortable Shoes

I love Helle Comfort, a Spanish range. They can be adjusted to put your orthotics in as well

Nikes... Any pair!

I am a long time Nike fan, and I found that almost any pair are extremely comfortable. I recently bought a pair of comfort thong flip flops and they are SOOOO comfortable! They feel like I'm walking on a cloud… great for warm weather. :)
—Guest Guest awesome


J-41 win best shoe on my feet for ultimate design, comfort, style, technology and function! Love at first step!
—Guest Shoe lover

Air Max 95s

Most Air Maxes aren't built for comfort, just lightness and support, but the 95s are different. They are still super light and stable for that virtually weightless feeling, but these kicks are like walking on a bunch of air bubbles... if you have never tried them, TRY THEM! The only Nikes I wear in fact, because in my heart I'm an adidas man.
—Guest pat from indy


14-16 hours a day on your feet working, not even thinking about my feet. They must be good! Give me another pair please!
—Guest braddakimo

SAS Shoes

I purchased a pair from the SAS Comfort Shoes Store in Victoria, BC. It is amazing how many sizes and widths they carry. My feet are spoiled...love them!
—Guest SAS Shoes for Life

Awesome Pumas

Awesome comfort, awesome durability = Puma Complete Vectana
—Guest SAT

A bouncy stride?

If you're looking for comfort, then try out any Nike trainers that encorporates their "Lunar" foam soles. They put a bounce in my stride when I wear mine.
—Guest Kurt

Airwalk Eazy Laceless Sneakers

Omg. I have wide feet and can never find comfortable shoes. The tongue is connected with an elastic and the fabric is so soft and comfy. Easy to slip off and amazing.
—Guest Kay

Different horses for different courses!!

I struggle wearing most shoes, I've tried many and with most shoes my feet quickly chafe and rub and cause blisters even after I've worn them several times. Also I have back problems. We all have different feet and have different problems so it's a case of one solution does not fit all kind of thing. For me though I say thank heavens for finding CROCS! I live in them all the time now, even Crocs boots in winter. You just have to be kind to your feet guys and I hope you find comfortable shoes that work for you.
—Guest Babs

Earth and Shape-Ups

I am in retail and stand for 8+ hours at a time. Sketchers Shape-Ups are the best, with Earth shoes coming in a close second.
—Guest Shopgirlsays

Gel insoles

I found that you can just throw a pair of gel insoles into any shoes and they get 100 times more comfortable!
—Guest Johnny

Clarks Axl mens

It weights only 8oz and extremely light and comfy.
—Guest stephen


Wolky shoes are the most comfortable shoes I own!
—Guest Lola Young

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