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Readers Respond: What are Your Least Favorite Shoe Trends?

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From the article: Worst Shoe Trends
It's time to talk about your least favorite shoe trends of all time.

Is it Crocs that make you crazy? Do saddle shoes make you sad? Or is it platform shoes that you just can't stand?

Now is your chance to share your thoughts on ugly shoes with the rest of the world -- we're breathless with anticipation.

Witches' Shoes

What is sexy about a pointed toe witch shoe? I think they are very ugly and if that was the only shoe out there, I would go bare foot. I would probably be healthier for it.
—Guest lea


Everyone should try Minnetonka moccasins. I was given my first pair when my husband and I married. We ran off without our parents' permission. Soon after we ended up unemployed, no money and I was barefoot. Lucky for me it was summer, but my feet were filthy. A kind women at a thrift store really helped me out. My clothes, what little I had were nothing but torn rags. She gave me a skirt and a blouse and a pair of used, fringed, ankle high moccasins.
—Guest lisa

Skechers go walk

The brainchild of M. Night Shyamalan on steroid infused heroin and 10 year old Vans slip-ons. What the hell is up with the sole of the shoe? I don't care if an attractive girl is wearing them. That just means that they have bad judgement. And plus, who needs walking shoes anyway? Unless you are walking more than 15 miles, put on a pair of dang regular shoes. Running shoes are fine as long as you are not wearing them with jeans. Seeing someone do that breaks my heart a little.
—Guest frhirfeklrhihjfoirj

PLEASE stop it with the platform shoes!!

I cannot even find any regular, sexy, feminine shoes anymore! Platforms are really clunky and make you look like you have blocks on your feet. Not to mention they make your feet look HUGE!
—Guest Renee

Flip Flops

They are the ugliest shoes on earth. They make women, and men, look like lazy slobs.
—Guest chris

Platform heels

I hate platform heels, they are so fugly and uncomfortable. I just hate how they are in style now and way too many people wear them. I hate Uggs to because they look ridiculous but I don't mind them that much because their really comfy. I hate Crocs too, they shouldn't even exist. Yes, they're easy to wear and are waterproof but the price is ridiculously high for such ugly and easily improvised shoes. Might as well just wear flip-flops because they're cheep and just as comfy.
—Guest Synthia

Peep-toed flats and peep-toed boots

I don't like toes enough to see shoes with the tip missing. It's a major turn-off and girls think it's cute. Smh. It looks like your toe is too fat for your shoe and if it gets poked it will pop
—Guest JayMall

Peep toe booties and bootie sandals

What a hideous idea. Uggs are ok for yoga class, I like all stilettos and pointy toes, peep toes and platforms but peep toe boots are the stupidest idea ever. What were they thinking? What is that supposed to look good with? And those scrunchy boot like sandals are even worse! So ugly! Seems that teens and 20-somethings are actually buying this. Hideous.
—Guest jc

No Style

I dislike shoes that do not represent your individuality.


I hate Uggs, but they are very warm. Coins often have two sides.
—Guest Betty

Well, I guess I'm different...

because I don't mind Crocks, Uggs, platforms (of reasonable height!), chunky heels or flip-flops. I thought Uggs were ugly until I got a pair of Cardy's in "raisin" last year. They turned out to be my winter boots of choice. Flip-flops have been around since I can remember (I'm 50) and I could wear a pair of these any summer day, providing they are not the heeled kind (bad idea to begin with) and they are of good quality ... soft leather ones. Chunky heels saved my life many times when I had to dress up but my lower back would think otherwise. Plenty of support and no wobbling around like in the stilettos, and you still look very professional -- without looking like a street-walking professional. ;) The shoes I will not dare to wear, ever, are the 4+ inch heeled things, flat-soled gladiators (eww) and the way-too-pointy shoes and boots (2x eww). Anything else, I'd at least give a try, including the open toed booties. Oh, and if the description says "lightly padded", I'll pass.
—Guest Lydia

Tired of Style Nazis

High heeled sandals all have those UGLY ankle straps. NOT complimentary with petite women. Gotta have long legs, and they just don't look feminine, but looks like "club wear." Gag - UGH! Who are the nazis who say that's all the stores will sell unless you're willing to wear flat grandma shoes. PLUS what's up with all 4 inch heels? How about a nice sexy 3 inch heel? HOW ABOUT CLASS?? Do ANY designers out there have class? Sorry, I can't afford $400 shoes, but I don't want to wear cheap looking, sleazy crap! Thanks for the outlet! Hope someone reads this who can communicate this to the designers. Contact ME! I'll help you design! In fact, whenever I'm searching for something and it's nowhere, months later it makes it to the stores.

Kitten Heels

I don't know about you, but I hate kitten heels! If you want a shorter heel go for wedges, not short stiletto-like things.
—Guest Angelknows

crocs, booties, uggs

Of course most of us hate Crocs and Uggs (which are acceptable if you live above the Mason-Dixon line and wear them DURING WINTER -- if I see one more girl in shorts and Uggs so help me). But I HATE, HATE, HATE these stupid cut-out, peep-toe, mangled booties. The booties themselves are borderline to begin with. Oh and this next level of overly strappy/ornate gladiator sandal and sandals that look like they have spats attached are just WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.
—Guest putasockinit

It's about the look!

STOP! Don't wear ugly shoes. You look frumpy and they don't go with any fashionable clothing. You gals say it is about you and how you feel. Be honest, it is about the look -- the look you get from the guys! They like sexy footwear even when they tell you they don't know why women go through the pain. Sad attempt at being considerate. Anyway, at 63 (call me an old fool) I still wear my high heels (although I must confess I recently just took a few pair to have the heels lowered a tad -- made a difference too!). I'm getting up there but until I am there the heels I will wear. I still have cute feet. One must buy only those that are comfortable at purchase and walk around in them at home for spell before you say it is a final purchase. Get this: MY mom still wears her heels. Says you ain't dressed without them! Must be in the genes. Granny B
—Guest GB

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