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Readers Respond: What are Your Least Favorite Shoe Trends?

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From the article: Worst Shoe Trends
It's time to talk about your least favorite shoe trends of all time.

Is it Crocs that make you crazy? Do saddle shoes make you sad? Or is it platform shoes that you just can't stand?

Now is your chance to share your thoughts on ugly shoes with the rest of the world -- we're breathless with anticipation. Share Your Thoughts


On this webpage that complains about skinny high heels, super high heels, and peep- toe boots, there is an ad right next to the column that shows all of these things, with the added bonus of having rough glitter glued on, a buckle for no reason, holes on the sides, and super- thick soles, and that shoe is the reason we are complaining. The heel looks like a needle. I mean, seriously? Why?
—Guest Irony

Hate High Heels

High heels are so stupid! I can see maybe a few inches, but if you add in triangular-toed peep- toes, you are going to have foot problems later on in life. Men obviously invented many of the women's fashion trends today because no one who would have to wear them could have created them. Let's make fashion designers wear their own clothes for a month before releasing them out to the public. Then they might actually make fashionable and comfortable shoes and clothes. And I recently bought a pair of shoes that I thought looked cute. When I wore them the first day, I had to climb up a flight of carpeted stairs. I could not walk up the stairs because the bottoms of the shoes did not have any grips at all-- it was completely smooth and I hadn't realized that when I bought them. I eventually took off the shoes to climb the stairs. That should not ever be an issue.
—Guest Janet

Crocs & Uggs are not a style...

They're rather the sound expression of mental illness among "designers" and customers! Gardening work is the only event that I would ever consider Crocs to be adequate for, and Uggs are only suitable for arctic weather conditions! However, the biggest pain in the ass are platform heels: Why for christ's sake do designers feel this urge to go and spoil each and every otherwise cute or sexy style by attaching chunky platforms to them? Designers of the world, let me assure you: Only very few men find themselves attracted to horses the same way they should feel about women - there's really absolutely no point in giving women's feet the looks of hooves, I promise! Give us back the single-sole stiletto-styles from the 80's & 90's and while you're at it: Don't forget the larger sizes - mankind isn't growing in numbers only!
—Guest TV Sabrina73

I Grew Up In The 60s and 70s...

Decent shoes seem to have disappeared somewhere in the 90s or so. My favorites from the 60s and 70s like what you see in old movie magazines, fashion magazines or in films from the 60s and 70s. Now it's all ugly, unwearable, cheap, painful, nothing seems to have a real sole anymore. Notice that? The "sandals" too, you can't walk in them. I'm fed up with little thin floppy soles.
—Guest Lori

Uggs flip flops

Ok. I saw a lot of people that dislike platforms if worn properly and by a girl who can actually walk in them they look adorable as long as you aren't wearing a outfit that makes you look like a hooker. But I hate Uggs and flip flops. Sure Uggs are ok for home or flip flops for the beach but just out and about a no-no. Also peep toe flats I mean really, how stupid can you get.
—Guest Elizabeth

I Hate Crocs!!

I think they are the ugliest things I've ever seen & don't even think they look cute on kids. Also, outrageously high stiletto heels & spikes on shoes -- they scare me a bit. LOL!!

Platforms & Toe Cleveage

Platforms -- especially with skinny heels. They make your feet look deformed. Crocs & uggs -- both ugly. Anything that gives you toe cleavage. It just looks like your shoes don't fit. It's not cute or sexy.
—Guest Felicia

Uggs and flipflops

Flip flops look horrible paired with anything, and uggs just look ugly.
—Guest Leica

I'd love to see shoes go back to normal

I positively hate the high, high heels. While I am 74 yrs. old I still like to look nice and not elderly. I would love to see shoes go back to 'normal,' anywhere up to 3.5 inches, maybe 4 inches. I went through the pointed toe, high, narrow heel phase in the 50's and 60's. It ruined a lot of people's feet back then and these impossible high heels will do even more. Please, take the advice of an "old gal" whose been there and done that, lower the heels because if you went up to 7-8 inches there would be people who would try to wear them. What you sow in your younger years you will reap a horrible harvest in your later years.

Gladiator high heels and flip flops

Gladiator high heeled platform sandals take away from an outfit because your eyes go straight to the shoes. So, if you're wearing a beautiful outfit, it's ruined by the look of those hideous straps and 2 inch platforms. And, don't even get me started on flip flops. People should be mindful of their feet. Not everyone has lovely feet that the world wants to see. Especially in the office. It can be really gross.
—Guest Stylin

Plats, Uggs, Wedges

Platforms will cause major and expensive future orthopedic problems especially if you were active and ever had even a minor trauma to any leg or hip area of the body, over 3-1/2" is asking for trouble. UGGS belong at home-- they are thick fat slippers! Wedges are not flattering and if you are over 40 they make you look old like you are bringing them back from the 1950's

Platform Shoes - Stop!

This hideous, huge platforms on the front of women's heels thing, needs to stop. It's horrible. It lacks class and it really is just unflattering to the legs. And top of that, they are starting to make them in bright neon colors. It's atrocious. Most men hate the trend too. Out with the trashy and in with the classy already!
—Guest kloveclass

Ugly High Heel Shoes

The very high heel shoes really are a complete con and ripoff. So many women have to carry them in their hands by the middle of the events they wear them for. They are ok for mad fashion shoots etc. but should not really be sold in shoe shops. Those shelves should be filled with really nice "kitten heel" shoes.
—Guest Louise

Worst Shoe Styles

Unlike a lot of your respondants, I love platforms. I love cute, colorful shoes; but couldn't do 5 to 6 inch heels on my best day when I was younger (I'm a stylish 64) Today's heels hold a serious promise of a trip to the ER and sessions with an orthopedic/physical therapy establishment. Also, God did not give many of us pointed feet or the ability to walk gracefully in stilettos. Is there any hope of shoes returning to even a semblance of sanity?
—Guest Katie's Girl

What's With the Animal Hooves?

I am genuinely tired of seeing thick platform 6" heels that curve up in the front and are 1.5" to 2.5" thick. I am trying to understand what woman wants to have their feet look like animal hooves. It's not an empowering look and it doesn't elongate the leg. It makes legs look grotesque and cheapens a woman's style.
—Guest Genece

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What are Your Least Favorite Shoe Trends?

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